Happy Valentine’s Day!  A short, but sweet (!) post today….

I got some Valentines from my doodlebugs yesterday when I went to babysit:

Mmmm, DOTS. Those doodlebugs know me so well….

I made heart-shaped pancakes for Paul for breakfast:


And while doing errands, we stopped at the local chocolate shop for a little treat to have after our very romantic take-out pizza:


We did that after shoveling and plowing all the snow at our house:

(Paul keeps a snow brush in the Jeep to brush off the seat, in case you were wondering.)

IMG_1823 IMG_1822

…and shoveling half of my mother-in-law’s driveway.

And after all that, we ended up with a pretty view of the hills:


Hmmm.  I just made it sound like our shoveling and plowing created that view.  I meant that even though all that stuff was hard, we had a pretty view to look at…..  but I’m pretty sure you probably knew what I meant.

P.S. Three rows of knitting so far today.  I have approximately one quarter of my sweater done, completed in 8 days.  I have 9 days to do the other three quarters.  You do the math.

2 thoughts on “Valentines

  1. You guys definitely have the food and snow removal covered going into the weekend! Now on to the knitting and watching the Olympics.

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