Be Kind. Please Mask. We were and we did.

We bit the bullet and booked a vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine. We love, Love, LOVE Bar Harbor and have been itching to get back there.

Our research showed a very low infection rate in that county (and in Maine, overall), and, because New York’s numbers are so great, we didn’t have to have a test or quarantine. Working from home is great, but we’ve been getting a little tired of home. We have taken some STAYcations but to be honest, those just don’t really work for me. All I see are the things I should be doing around the house and it’s not quite as relaxing as I hope it will be. Paul, on the other hand, loves to do all the projects while on STAYcation.

So, to Bar Harbor we went. It was a terrible drive up:

Seven and a half hours of rain. But, I got some knitting done on my Derecho Tee, so there’s that. That didn’t help Paul…

When we got there we parked the car and for the next three days we walked everywhere we needed to go.

There were so. Many. PEOPLE. We did not expect it to be as crowded as it was; we just thought there would be fewer people traveling in general. Nope. In fact, one of the places we went for takeout said their numbers are ahead of last year. In other words, COVID has not slowed them down.

The Signs Were There

The town is very focused on COVID safety which we were happy to see. Signs everywhere….

Hey, there’s Paul!

Every store and restaurant had signs and hand sanitizer dispensers.

We had already decided that we were only going to do takeout for our meals and our main focus was relaxing and looking at the water. We had a great view from our hotel room which helped a lot:

Atlantic Brewing Company Thunder Hole Ale (for me) and Blueberry Ale (for Paul).

There seemed to be some sort of yacht convention going on. This was two of the seven yachts that were parked outside our room and at the harbor nearby:

We spent time Googling the names of the yachts and seeing how much they would cost to charter. Some of them are $270,000 per week. PER. WEEK. In case you want to look them up, these two were The Mystic and The Calliope. By the way, a hotel cable guilty pleasure of mine is watching Below Deck on Bravo (who’s with me???), so these yachts were right up my alley.

We sat on our balcony or on the green at the harbor and just watched all the harbor-y things that go on. It was great.

Waiting for the lobster fishing boats to come in.
More yachts (The Cynthia and The Temptation). With knitting.

Now we are back home and have a few more days of our vacation before heading back after Labor Day. Guess what I’ll be doing? I’ll give you a hint:

Yup. Making pickles. And zucchini bread with the five-pound baseball bat we found in the garden when we came home.

What are you up to this holiday weekend?




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