Well, my traveling for work has ramped up this month and I’m traveling one or two days a week for 5 out of 6 weeks.  Wow!  A little tiring but so far I’m still enjoying the job.  Just got back from Buffalo, a fun 4 1/2-hour drive. Luckily things slow down around the holidays and I can re-charge a little.

Speaking of traveling, Paul and I were able to get away for a weekend to Ogunquit, Maine a few weeks ago.  Aside from being surprised there were So. Many. People. we had a nice time.  Somehow, we assumed in September, no one would go there anymore.  Ha!

Lots of time sitting by the water….

And a trip to L.L. Bean to spend our credit card points on some Adirondack chairs.

I’ve also been trying to figure out some good hotel knitting.  I’ve settled on starting the Ribbon Wrap since it is easy knitting (so far anyway) and I don’t need too many brain cells at the end of a long travel/training day:

And I’ve got my Fish Lips Kiss Heel sock, left over from the class I taught, to keep working on when I get tired of the wrap:

My at-home knitting is getting to work on Sam the Ram which I’m knitting along with some friends:

Plus I have become re-obsessed with the Spice Pumpkin, since I gave all the ones I made away!:

They really do make a cute little gift.

Ooh! And I finally finished the college blanket for my nephew Matthew!

University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT and he is playing soccer there and is doing great!

P.S. If you know him, it’s not a secret anymore because I sent it to him. 🙂

I’m also all into the pumpkin spice, as you know, so I made these totally-super-yummy-you-have-to-make-them Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins from Martha:

My knitting class / knit shop peeps loved them!

And finally, some Smudge pics, because I can’t not….

How have YOU been?



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