This Week

This week was….

Snowy and freezing:


But then, it was pretty:


And I found the most wonderfully sweet, perfectly ripe strawberries, watermelon and kiwi:


…which was a nice taste of summer amidst the frozen (but pretty) tundra.

This week was also home cooking-ish:


Delicious  Lemon Chicken from Shutterbean.  Really easy – olive oil, butter, onion, lemon juice, Italian seasoning.  Mix them together and pour over chicken thighs, then nestle in some lemon slices.  We had it with noodles.  Next time, I’ll try dredging the chicken in flour to make a thicker sauce.  AND I might try adding artichoke hearts – and idea I got from the comments section of this recipe.

This week was also knitting-ish:


I finished my friend Lisa’s travelling socks since we had a blip in our group and someone dropped out. I didn’t want her to have to finish her own socks so I finished them for her (I did the top 2 sections).  They look great and she loves them.

And check this out!:


A knitted cozy for my tennis ball parking guide.  (Thanks to a high school chum, Elaine, for the idea!)  It’s definitely too big even though I shortened it, and I messed up the pattern somewhere along the way because I was busy talking, and then made up my own color striping thing because I was running out of yarn but who cares?  It’s cute.  (And no, it’s not wool, so I can’t felt it to fit the ball… in case you were going to suggest that.)  And it’s ok.  It’s my very own unique parking guide and I like it.

Paul hasn’t requested one yet:


And did you know?:


Pffffft!  Why pay $2.87 when you could buy a pack of 3 tennis balls for less than that, use your own string and then knit your own cozy?

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    1. You cut a slit in the tennis ball. Then tie a big knot in the end of the string. Then squeeze the tennis ball so the slit opens up and shove the knot inside. Let go of the ball and the knot gets swallowed up inside. Easy peasy. Now you can do it too!

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