The Slippery Slope

It has started again.  I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t.  I’ve been a knitting addict for many years now, so it’s not like I haven’t been through this before.

I was doing so great – finishing up my many, many, MANY works-in-progress and feeling so great about starting new projects in a manageable way so I wouldn’t end up with 20+ projects-not-done.

I put a few more rows on my Sweet Pea pattern with Moorland colors crochet blanket.

Got some more real estate on my The Comfort Zone poncho:

But then…..

Well, the Yellowstone hat pattern, with the matching Old Faithful yarn that I showed you in the last post.

I couldn’t NOT start that once the yarn arrived. Obviously. You know how that is.  And I have made some progress on that. It has a wonderful squooshy folded brim so your ears will be nice and toasty warm.

And then…..

I offered a free online Zoom class this weekend, through The Spinning Room yarn shop, not only to demonstrate increases and decreases, but also to talk about the ease of using Zoom if someone wanted to take an online knitting class.  That led me down the Ravelry rabbit hole to find a knitting pattern that would be easy enough for someone to try out and learn online.

I found this Shona wrap pattern.

(Picture is by Quince & Co. from the Ravelry pattern page.)

It was perfect.  Looks hard but it’s really easy – just knits and purls with nothing fancy like increases, decreases or cables. But there are also things to learn like how to read a chart, or tips to follow the written instructions.

I had to start that before the class, so I could show them what I’m working on for an upcoming online class. Obviously.

And now…

I can just feel it. That butterflies-in-the-tummy-I’m-so-excited-feeling. Yup, I’m heading down the slippery slope into a bout of start-itis (wanting to start ALL THE THINGS). It’s a real affliction, you know. If you are a knitting addict too, you know all about it.

Those Forest Path socks are calling to me.

Because you know, sometimes socks are just the right thing to work on when your arms are getting tired from turning the big crochet blanket you are working on. Obviously.

And being on Ravelry to find the perfect online knitting class project resulted in me putting 800 more patterns in my Ravelry queue to knit someday.  Or tomorrow.

Like this Upper West Hat by Thea Coleman:

(Picture is by Thea Coleman from the Ravelry pattern page.)

And the coordinating Upper West Sweater:

(Picture is by Thea Coleman from the Ravelry pattern page)

I’ve tossed my stash, trying to see if I have the right yarn for them.

And I do!!…..

While I’ve been trying to sort all this out and find an even ground, it keeps snowing here.

And we watched the Kitten Bowl today. Smudge was mesmerized:

And finally, I’m just going to put this out there to the universe and the blogisphere:

If anyone knows of a cute, calm, loving dog (medium/large) that needs a home, we are looking to adopt.

We have been looking at shelter pages but many dogs get adopted quickly and we are not prepared to care for an elderly or special needs dog just yet. We figure at this point, a dog may just need to find us, so I’m trying to give the universe a nudge with some advertising.

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  1. Is there really such a thing as the Kitten Bowl? I know they have dog shows, but I never heard of the Kitten Bowl. I always enjoy your blogs, and it was great seeing you on Zoom.

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