The Rest of the Vacation That Didn’t Include Yarn Shops

So, after our two-day trek, we were FINALLY at our hotel.

Ok, but first let me tell you this:  Before we left, I organized all the knitting I was going to take:


That is SEVEN projects, plus a needle for the potential project for the Quince & Co. yarn I was going to buy.  You just never know which project will be the best to work on at certain times, so I wanted to be prepared.

I started the Fractal Danger shawl on the car ride, because that was a great car-knitting project:


But, then I bought all that yarn on the way up, and I wanted to start knitting with it right away.  So, forgetting about the bag with the 7 other projects in it (I seriously did not even look at it or open it the whole time we were there), on the first day at the hotel, I got out my swift, whose name is Paul:


…. wound up some Chickadee yarn and started the Rhombus Feather Shawl.

And this was our favorite spot:


Sitting on the balcony off of our room, looking at the water, listening to the water lapping on the rocks, watching (with our binoculars) the fishing boats and kayaks and sailboats and tour boats go by, people watching (as they walked on the path along the water), knitting, having a beer or a soda.  We did this for many hours, until this:


…and we finally went inside because it got chilly.

EVERY. DAY.  So nice.

But we did other things too.  We went to a car cruise at a local burger/ice cream joint:


Where we got the one and only ice cream of our trip (shocker!) (and no picture).

We went to Jordan Pond and walked on the carriage roads for a bit:




And had lunch at the Jordan Pond House, with their famous popovers:


The popovers were gone before I remembered to take a picture.  So yummy with butter and strawberry jam.  The meatloaf sandwich and turkey BLT were good too.

We obsessed about this boat (while sitting on our balcony for hours):


How many passengers? (1100) How many staff were there? (500 – no kidding. Practically half the number of passengers.) Were those lifeboats that they were using to ferry everyone back and forth to the harbor? (yes, they fit 90 as a ferry, 150 as a lifeboat) How many floors are there? (11, but we could only count 8) Where the heck would they fit a pool? (on top, near the back)  Can we see any people on there? (yes, if we used our binoculars)  When will it leave?  (when we were at dinner. Damn.)

We saw the movie Inside Out at Reel Pizza:


Great pizza.  FUNNY movie.

We visited a lighthouse:


We (really, I) shopped for tea:


And then we did this again:

IMG_5838 IMG_5814

It. Was. Great.  We didn’t want to leave.

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