Summer 2022

Ok, so last year at this time I had a great idea: start and finish a knitting project to enter into the Altamont Fair during the month of July. You can read the post here. And then, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that this guy came along and interrupted (in the best way possible) all of those plans:

Now he is 14 months old and 52 pounds. (He is holding his favorite squirrel tug toy.)

Here is how far I got on my planned knitting project, Graceful by Cally Monster:

Exactly half done.

So, a year later, I’m renewing my effort to finish this shawl in time to enter it into the fair. I have about 6 weeks to finish it….I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’ve also been plugging away at another shawl that I started while on vacation last August (and then-puppy Moose was at the kennel) Inner Peace by Joji Locatelli :

I am two sections away from finishing. I realize that gives you no context for how much knitting is left so, lets just say it is about 100 or so rows from being done. It’s all scrunched-up-looking here, but once it’s blocked, it will grow.

Otherwise, there are lots of other summer-y things going on for us….

We’re making plans to go camping…

Still working on getting the scared-y dog actually into the trailer….

My new side hustle, CHOMP Pet Bakery, is going to be at a couple of farmer’s markets throughout the summer (Guilderland Farmer’s Market and Washington Park Farmer’s Market — I’ll be at these one weekend a month; first ones are July 16 – Washington Park and July 17 – Guilderland Public Library.)

We were most recently at the Albany Stoop Stroll:

Moose got a new outdoor kennel so he can spend time outside when we cannot directly supervise him:

And, lastly, one of the best summer-y things is GRILLING! OUTSIDE! BY THE POND! ON A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

That’s all for now. Any favorite camping spot recommendations (for a 28-ft trailer) are welcome! Put a comment below. : )

2 thoughts on “Summer 2022

  1. Good luck with finishing the pink shawl! I know you can do it. It’s so pretty! Moose is adorable and his new “patio” is great! Congratulations on your new business and best wishes for a big success.

  2. I hear ya Liz. We may have to catch you at the farmers market. We adopted Jack in May and he’s got to be 40lbs already. He’s part hound, part boxer and has the wildest energy.

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