Summer 2021 Roundup

Well, just like that it’s fall so, today is a summer roundup post. There was a lot going on!

Did I mention we got a puppy? Ha! Moose is growing like a weed and has been the focus of our life these days.

Isn’t he just so stinkin’ cute??? He is 5 1/2 months old and weighed 32 pounds at the vet recently!

We try to bring him “all the places” so he will love the car/truck. Including just out for drives…..

…. and to pick up some car dealership auction items that Paul bid on in Easthampton, Mass.

Because who doesn’t need more shelving units and work benches when they won’t fit in the garage because you already have a million shelving units and work benches?? (These are currently in the “other” garage that we use to park cars in…until there is room in the above garage. Apparently there is a plan for this.)

Moose was a very good boy that day.

We also went on vacation to Atlantic Beach, NC. It was a very. long. drive.

That is the 21-mile long bridge/tunnel/bridge/tunnel/bridge from Delaware to Virginia that we were stuck on for two hours. Notice the time on the car? We arrived at our destination at 11:30pm. It was a very. long. drive. (It bears repeating.)

There were some pretty views when we got there though!

And there was, of course, a trip to two yarn shops!

The Knit Knook was in Morehead City and The Salty Sheep was in Swansboro. (I forgot to get a picture of The Salty Sheep!) No pics of my purchases but let’s just say that on vacation I don’t usually hold back! You’ll see some of the items in upcoming knitting projects.

Also this summer, a friend commissioned me to make several dozen cookies to bring on her family vacation.

Chocolate with peanut butter chips, chocolate chip-Rolo, and confetti cookies. Paul enjoyed being the taste-tester. They came out great! And that was fun to do — who knows, maybe it will be my next side hustle….

We also went on a drag-racing trip to Cecil County, Maryland. It’s a yearly trip that we missed last year.

Pit-crewing and racing were done.

There was also the usual standing-around-the-engine-looking-and-discussing:

There is always LOTS of that. It was a beautiful day for racing and my first time out to be the pit crew chief since before the pandemic.

We also made a trip to the local yarn shop Vulcan’s Rest Fibers (before we even checked in to the hotel!).

Paul was a fantastic enabler as always.

Oh and my LYS The Spinning Room had a sale so I had to go there:

OMG I obtained a lot of new yarn for my stash. I better get knitting. And yes, I’ve been knitting but not as much as I’d like… did I mention we got a puppy? Next post will have some knitting updates.

One last thing to transition into fall …. I bought ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS at Trader Joe’s recently:

Yes, there are TWO boxes of Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s because we already know we love those and if you don’t get them now, they will run out and you will be disappointed and have to wait a whole year to get them again (experience talking).

I hope you had a nice summer! Here’s to all the other fall things (besides pumpkin) like pretty leaf changing, apples, and crisp, cool days!

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  1. Nice to know some things don’t change: You still love purple yarn (all shades) and all things pumpkin (and Paul, of course!).

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