Random Things for a Friday

I can’t put together a cohesive post today, so you are getting some randomnesss.  That’s what a few weird sleep nights in a row gets you.

1) I went to a “Bagels, Bialys and Pretzels” cooking class this week!  It was a gift from my mom for Christmas and it was great:


Those are bagels being formed.  I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures.  But I can tell you this:  Bagels, bialys and pretzels are much easier than I thought.  They were so yummy, especially hot out of the oven.  We also got recipes for a honey mustard pretzel dip and veggie cream cheese.  So. Much. Fun!  Stay tuned for my attempts to make these at home…

2) Just so you know, because I know you were wondering, my knitting is mostly under control, in that, so far, I’m caught up with all my knit-a-longs AND I’ve even gotten some other knitting done.  I have another KAL to start today, so check in with me next week to see how I’m doing.

My Through the Loops KAL socks have 1-1/2 heel flaps done and just the heel turn to go before next Tuesday:


As an added incentive, Kirsten, the designer who is running the KAL has offered up a drawing for a free pattern for those that can finish this week’s clue by then.  I’m totally up to the challenge.  (Especially because I’m almost done already.)

I dragged out my Rose Tweed Cardigan and got to 10″ (out of 16″):


(I love my sock monkey tape measure.)

I also started an adult Garter Ear Flap Hat:

I’m on the crown decreases and slightly worried I’ll run out of yarn, which I shouldn’t given the yardage requirements.  But my measuring may be off….you know how sock  monkeys can be.

I’m not showing you my Downton Abbey KAL project because it virtually looks the same, but with a few more rows.  So that would be boring for you.

3) I really enjoy listening to the Knitting Pipeline podcast.  The host, Paula, is great and one of the segments is “Nature Notes” where she talks about all the wonderful things that happen in her backyard.  Including seeing owls and watching them stalk and catch their dinner.  I’ve been dying to see an owl around here.  I think they are so cool looking and they intrigue me.  We don’t have many trees that are very close to our house, so I haven’t seen any.  Today at 4:43am, while laying there hoping to fall back asleep, I heard one.  It hoo-hoo-hoo-hoooooed once.  I jumped out of bed to look out the window.  No idea what I thought I would see since it was dark and there are no trees near our bedroom window, but I think it was on our roof.   And now I know there is one here.  Somewhere.

4) Some it’s-so-cold-we-can’t-go-outside activities with the doodlebugs this week:

Playing nicely together with a ladybug antennae headband on:


And dressing up Mr. Potato Head (remember him???) with Play-Doh (remember that???):


By the way, at age 2-1/2, politeness abounds with these two lately.

B:”Can I please have that car M?”

M: “Of course. Here you go B.”

B: “Thank you M.”

M: “Your welcome B.”

I will savor it while it lasts.

5) I don’t like football and will only have the Super Bowl turned on to watch commercials and eat super bowl food.  Don’t ask me what super bowl food we will be having because I haven’t decided yet.  And don’t ask me why I have to have the game on in order to eat it.  Plus, I will be knitting. Like you didn’t know.

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  1. Nice gift – it does look like fun! My B-I-L makes soft pretzels at Christmastime – yummy. Knitting looks good. Pretty yarn for the hat. Doodlebugs – adorable.

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