Quadra Challenge Complete!

That was a fun knit! The Quadra Cowl has a unique-to-me construction and, while challenging, it was also pretty easy. Does that make sense?

It starts with Judy’s Magic Cast On, which I’ve done before so that part wasn’t terribly challenging — just a little fiddly, as it usually is. Then it was an easy run up to using a little less than half my yarn — some easy increases.

THEN….. then was “the change row”. Wow, now THAT was challenging. I had told you about getting set up with three different circular needles:

Next was following the instructional video for this “change row.” Ha! I watched the video once and thought, “Oh, I totally know what she did. I can do this.”

I know that it is very difficult to tell what you are looking at in those pictures, but the main takeaway is: THIS IS NOT WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE.

I watched the video two more times, knitting along and stopping it several times. Here it is, getting on the right track:

Once I got through that, and back to one needle, there was just some adjusting to the decreasing while scooching all the stitches in their new configuration on the needle. And here it is, finished:

I love how the yarn patterning turned out. Full disclosure: it’s a little too small. I needed more yarn or I needed to use a bigger needle so I could stretch it when blocking. I can wear it when I need to be very warm and not have any wind go down my neck!

In other knitting news, I made a hat!

This is the Ruche Panel Tuque by Susan B Anderson. Quick and easy knit with this cute pleated-looking detail.

It’s a little hard to get “the look” from my pictures, so click on the link up there to see the pattern page on Ravelry.

And then? I started another hat!

This is the November Hat by Meghan Kelly. I got it as a kit from The Salty Sheep in Swansboro, NC. Fun so far, since it starts with an interesting rib pattern and will move into cables and bobbles. Stay tuned…

In Moose news, he had his first play date with his friend, Ralphie:

He had a great time and was exhausted on the way home…

And by the way, we do still have Smudge the cat:

He doesn’t get much screen time these days because this is all he does. He’s not quite as interesting as Moose.

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