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My Easy Cozy Cowl is now for sale!

Easy Cozy Cowl

US $2.50

Click on that nifty “buy now” button!  Some of you were lucky and got it for free – sorry to those who didn’t.  If you are local to The Spinning Room, I would encourage you to purchase it (or any other patterns) there, since I would like to help support a small business (it is purchased through Ravelry at the shop and the shop gets a little commission).  If you do buy the pattern, and you then knit the pattern, I would love to see the results and would also like to post them here.  Email pictures to me at:  liz@lizytishknits.com

This is another step for me to make knitting my business.  Lots of goings-on these days, talking about getting the doodlebugs ready for pre-school in the fall and therefore my babysitting schedule being decreased and wondering what the heck I will do next.  I’ve pretty much decided (read: leaving the door open a little….) that I am done with social work jobs – what I did in my past life with my Masters in Social Work – in the traditional sense, and that leaves me with the only other thing I’m pretty good at, which is knitting.  So, one thing I am testing out is designing knitting patterns. (The other is to expand my blogging – if you like my blog, please share it with others you think might like it!)

Now, just because 1) I love to knit.  2) I knit like there is no tomorrow.  3) I know my way around a knitting pattern and back, and 4) I am not really intimidated by any knitting patterns (so far – I haven’t tried steeking a sweater and putting in a zipper yet)…… it doesn’t mean I have the skills to design.  But I will try!  And you will get to come along for the ride.  I am reading books and watching instructional videos and reading more books, all on the designing process.    I will be starting out with very basic patterns so I can become accustomed to the whole process.   The Easy Cozy Cowl was my first crack at it.  And now, I am designing a hat, which I have knit twice so far and am having it test knit.

Stay tuned….I hope this is going to be fun!

I taught two classes this weekend (and at both classes I forgot to take pictures of their works in progress – so annoying of me) and had a nice visit with my mom!  She just went home to prepare for the blizzard coming to her town, while we are preparing for the non-blizzard-but-16″-of-expected-snow.  Lovely, lovely.

4 thoughts on “Pattern Update

  1. Love that I can say My Teacher/Friend has a published knitting pattern and is working on many more. Congratulations Liz!!!

  2. I also love the fact that I can say that one of my knitting friends has a published pattern and is working on more. Congratulations Liz, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. Rereading your blog on the design thing…Have you seen the book Pick the Pieces by Lorna Miser….it’s a book with children’s patterns in it, but it shows how basic patterns can have interchangeable necklines etc. haven’t really absorbed it yet, but i ordered it from the library just to see what I could learn. I have it out right now.

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