Muuuuuuuch Better

I ripped out the body of my Maluka shawl and re-knit it, and now it looks muuuuuuuuch better:

shawl collage2

Top picture is the before, bottom picture is the after.   Bottom picture is not blocked yet so the top edge is rolling, but you can definitely see that it is wider and the top edge stretches more.

And here it is blocking:


It’s crazy how different it looks when you get it wet and stretch it out.  (And after looking at this picture I went back and put more pins in the border to make it less wavy.)  Right now it measures 62 inches across!  The first version of this shawl, when I stretched it out was probably about 40 inches. (I’m guestimating.)   That is a HUGE difference and despite all the pain in the neck-ness of unwinding and re-knitting, I’m ever so glad I did.  I love how this one looks.

Here is a close-up of the border pattern:


And this yarn was so nice to work with.  Peace, Love & Yarn’s Magpie in the Ison’s Tail colorway.  You have to look closely in this picture, but there are some sparkly bits in it which just add a nice touch.

Now this one is done and I can share this wonderful experience with the students in my class this weekend.  And now I can get to work on my fair shawl which had been put on hold while I dealt with this debacle.  T-minus 53 days until it has to be delivered to the Altamont Fair.  Sooner, if I want to enter it in the Cobleskill Fair….

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