Meet Moose!

The newest addition to our family! He is a Potcake from Turks and Caicos, and was brought to the Albany airport by Jenny and Michael, tourists who volunteer to be couriers. They are the nicest couple and took good care of Moose on the trip here. The above picture is from his last puppy walk on the island the day before he came here.

And here he is at home!

We are very tired, having picked him up at 11pm and then having to feed him and take him out to pee in the middle of a thunderstorm. (That was fun.)

But he is very sweet and we are glad he is here!

More on him and our new-puppy adventures once we have naps…

4 thoughts on “Meet Moose!

  1. He’s very cute. Just also noting that your carpet looks very much like the sand. I hope he doesn’t treat it as such! (LOL) Enjoy you new family member. And what does your cat think of him?

  2. Soon cute! Our daughter adopted a pupper that looks like Moose who was found under a porch in alabama and she is really sweet, too! Good luck with Moose and I hope the cat takes to him, as well….

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