I did something.

….I knit this:


You might be thinking, “Big deal Liz.  You knit a lot of things.”  But, not only did I make it, I DESIGNED it!

…to go with my High Plains poncho:


It is a very basic cowl, and my first stab at designing.  I thought my poncho needed a little more coverage up top if I was going to wear it as an outerwear garment.  And I didn’t want to just wear another cowl that I have, in fear of my outfit looking like I was just wearing everything I’ve ever knitted all at the same time.  I wanted something that would match my poncho but blend in so it wouldn’t take away from the pretty lacey bit of the poncho.  So, I used the same yarn and worked the ribbing that is in the poncho onto the cowl.


I made this to match my poncho, but it’s a great, basic cowl to go with anything and keep you cozy.  Next:  Writing up the pattern, having someone check it over, knitting it again to make sure it’s right, and publishing it, since maybe you will want to knit it too!

(And taking better pictures so that it doesn’t look like it’s a different color in every picture.  The middle picture is the most accurate.)

10 thoughts on “Matchy

  1. It is a big deal! Great things have to start somewhere! And I know there are other designs in you. Congratulations. The next Deborah Newton!

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