I Just Couldn’t Do It

That yellow.  That mustardy yellow.  I just couldn’t keep it in the blanket.


I didn’t like how it looked.  It stands out, but in a bad way.  It was mustardy.  It was bringing the niceness of my blanket down.  If it was a little more buttery, I think it would have been fine.  I just didn’t like this yellow.  So, out it came and now I’m on the second to last color….

001 (2)

Then I start all over at the beginning.  Twelve colors in all.  No yellow.  No orange.  It’s going to take me a while to make it long enough.  Every time I show this to Paul, which is pretty much every time I finish a color or two, he looks at it and says, “That’s a lot of work.  It’s going to take you forever.”  (Which I guess is pretty much what I think too, but in my head I hear, “What pretty colors! Great Job!”)

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