How it’s been going…

Another list for you today about how it’s been going around here:

  1. Well, there was this, which was REALLY fun:

We spent a ton of time helping with my mother-in-law’s ice dam issues and making sure her roof was raked and we forgot to check the back of our house! Luckily the dripping was limited to an inside corner of the garage and not into our living space. Whew. This was my view from the upstairs window as I pour pitcher after pitcher after pitcher of hot water on the roof while Paul chipped away at the ice.

2. I started a new project! I joined The Woolly Thistle’s Colorwork KAL (Knit-A-Long):

I am making the Burra cowl by Marie Wallin. I have been wanted to tackle one of her beautiful colorwork patterns for a long time and I finally got in all the yarn.

I will likely not finish in time to be eligible for one of the KAL prizes (I realized belatedly that it is a pretty big project to finish in a month) but it got me started on the project and I’m excited to see how all my color choices work together. Boy, it is really hard to pick out 11 colors that coordinate and contrast.

Some of them look a little too muddled together and some might be too contrasty. We’ll see.


We went a little nuts at Bj’s.

4. I took an online knitting class for Casapinka’s Powder Wrap through the Four Purls Yarn Shop.

Bronwyn is a great teacher and very engaging.

I haven’t actually started the wrap yet but I got a swatch done to learn the techniques. It was great to see how other teacher handle an online class since I will be doing that soon.

5. Speaking of which, I’ve made a little progress on my Shona wrap:

I love the yarn I am using: Plymouth Chunky Merino Superwash. It is so soft and squooshy.

6. Paul has been working hard painting a friend’s car. He was even outside in the 25 degree weather, working on some sanding:

That’s just a crazypants level of dedication. (Or just a strong desire not to have all the dust in the garage.)

7. Smudge has been enjoying watching the koi fish on my Koi Pond app:

Very relaxing.

7. Today I’m taking a Zoom soup cooking class and cooking along through my 99Walks app. Here are some of my ingredients:

I am making two soups: roasted tomato and Thai chicken. Should be fun and yummy!

That’s it for now! Updates on my Moorland/Sweet Pea blanket and my The Comfort Zone poncho next time.

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2 thoughts on “How it’s been going…

  1. LOTS of goings-on, Liz …fun! I REALLY LOVE the contrasting RED in your COWL knitting project … BTW is that your iPad with a keyboard??! – if so it’s very cool…let me know. Cooking classes sound scrumpscious !…esp. the tomato soup. VERY pretty patterns from your Zoom knitting class! PEEPS !!! …don’t forget to let me know about iPad keyboard thingy…. mom / Susan

    1. thanks for all the comments mom : ) Yes that was a keyboard attached to my ipad. The ipad clicks into it and the keyboard “talks” to it through Bluetooth. It’s handy when you have to type a lot on the ipad.

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