Holiday Wrap Up and 2017 Plans

So, the holidays happened.  Boy that goes by quickly, doesn’t it?  Here is the wrap up:

We had family time with my family in Connecticut and my sister made these Grinch kababs:

Sorry about the blur but you get the picture.  So adorable!  And really yummy. (And yes, my sister is wearing a cute Santa apron.)

We also had family time with Paul’s family in New York.  Remember the star cookies I made?

Well, they turned into this:

And it was yummy.  I also made Toffee Squares from the Pioneer Woman and Jamaretti cookies from Martha (of course, because I love Martha).  They were also yummy.

After the Christmas rush and just before New Year’s (where we just sit at home so there is nothing to tell there) we took a little trip to Skaneateles for an overnight.  We stayed at the Skaneateles Suites and they have the most wonderful boutique hotel.

It was great!  It is a small hotel, like a bed and breakfast but without anyone to cook you breakfast.  The rooms are just like a “regular” hotel room with tv, bathroom (with jacuzzi tub), coffee maker, desk, wifi and a comfy bed.  They also give you a basket of breakfast items (since they don’t provide breakfast) including instant oatmeal and Nutrigrain bars, and some other snacks. It was really a great place to stay and the staff was so friendly.

The hotel is located just off the main street so we could walk to shops and dinner and bakeries and see the lake.  We had such a nice relaxing time and got to see some of our favorite cable shows since they have better cable than we do.  You should go! (We are going back….)

On the way out there we stopped at Patchwork Plus which is a quilt shop that has yarn.  We got to the door and saw this:

And so, this happened….

I know. So bad. And Paul-the-enabler had to go get a basket since his arms were getting full.  And then I had to fill the basket.  He almost went for another. (Ok but…60% off????)

Then, on the way home, we stopped at Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs since we hadn’t been there in a while and I picked up a few things:

Excellent sauce, excellent (strong) tea, and excellent lip polish.

So now we are on to 2017. As usual, I’m hoping to blog more. I’m hoping to make some of it instructional and gain some readers, so if you like anything I’m saying please share or forward to anyone you think might like it.

I’m also hoping to knit more!  I finally saw the doctor and will be going to PT for my ailing elbows.  The Moorland Blanket crochet-a-long is starting today and I’m hoping to do a tiny bit of that since I just can’t stand it anymore.  I haven’t picked up a knitting needle in weeks.  WEEKS, I tell you!  It’s just not normal.

Here’s to a great 2017!

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  1. The cookie tree is spectacular! So nice that you had a getaway and great shopping, too. Elbows – difficult. Good luck.

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