Gaining Days

Ok, so I was going to be completely dramatic today and tell you that this past weekend I did NO KNITTING AT ALL on my fair shawl which means I lost TWO WHOLE DAYS of the very precious few I have to finish it.  The last time I counted, about a week ago, I had 53 days left before submission day.  I counted today to give you an update and now I have 60 days left.  My complaining seems pretty pointless seeing as how I’ve apparently gained some days.  (Guess I needed that math in high school after all.)

It was a busy weekend all around.  Friday, we sadly had to attend a wake in Connecticut for Paul’s uncle.  Despite the sad occasion, it was a time for the family to happily remember his uncle, whom I never got to meet, and I did get to meet and re-meet several of Paul’s other relatives.  It was a beautiful drive to Stamford and I think we went by Martha’s house in Bedford.  We only saw the gates but I’m pretty sure it was her place.  And on the way home we did dinner and ice cream:

IMG_2701 IMG_2703 IMG_2706

One of the things keeping me busy over the weekend was finishing up the Maluka shawl class.  Here are almost everyone’s borders when they got to class:


They learned how to pick up along the border and then work short rows to create the body of the shawl.  A fun class!

Then I had a nice day with my spinning peeps sitting outside in the shade, spinning and having lunch.

I finished half the wool I’m working on:


Now I just have to spin the second half on another bobbin, then ply them together and I’ll have yarn!  Which, if I get done in time for the fair, I can submit it to be judged.  After I finish my shawl.  But apparently I have more time now so…..

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