FO (Finished Object) Friday …on Saturday

Can you tell it’s been a crazy week? First, the WIP (Works-in-Progress) Wednesday post came out on Thursday. Now, the FO (Finished Object) Friday post is coming to you on Saturday. I turned 51 on Tuesday… hopefully that didn’t have anything to do with it.

I posted this picture (me, when I was three) on Facebook to show how I felt about turning 51:

I’m going to stick with that feeling despite how this week has gone!

The Finished Object

I’ve got one finished object to show you! Hooray! Feels good to finish something.

A pair of socks! (which clearly show the bunion on my right foot, but I’m sure you didn’t notice until I pointed it out)

Not much to say about these because it is just a very basic sock pattern and the yarn did all the work! I used West Yorkshire Spinners’ Signature 4-Ply sock yarn for the #29-Classic Socks pattern from Yankee Knitter . I made one modification to the pattern which was to knit a star toe instead of the wedge toe in the pattern.

What is a star toe? I’m glad you asked! It has a decrease pattern making it look somewhat like a star:

What is a wedge toe? I’m glad you asked! The wedge toe places the decreases at the sides of the foot to make a squared-off top of the toe:

(You just got a sneak peek at one of my next WIPs to be finished!)

Why did I switch? I’m glad you asked! Well, the wedge toe uses the Kitchener Stitch to sew together the last several stitches with a yarn needle. It is extremely fiddley and can be hard to remember the steps to complete. It is the one I have always used because it’s the one in this pattern, which is the one I have used since I learned how to knits socks.

The star toe, on the other hand, places the decreases in such a way that, when you get to the last 8-12 stitches, you just pull your yarn through all the stitches and cinch them up. EASY PEASY! I’ll be doing this toe from now on.

Don’t ask my why it took me so long to do this toe. My friend, Jana (Hi Jana!), told me about it so long ago (it was the one her mom always used) but for some reason I never did it.

Speaking of my birthday and socks… The Doodlebugs (my niece and nephew – twins) called me on my birthday and Mr. Doodlebug asked me how many pairs of socks I have knitted. I could not even give a reliable answer. I’ve knitted A LOT of socks, for myself and for others.

That made me go up to my sock drawer to find out how many pairs I currently have for myself. And the answer is:


The very first pair I made are the pink ones at the top. The bottom right pair were made for me by my friend Lisa (Hi Lisa!).

A Product Suggestion

While working on these socks I was using the Knitter’s Pride SmartStix Double Pointed Needles. What makes them so smart? I’m glad you asked!

They’ve got markings on them so you can use them as a ruler! So handy especially when I’m knitting socks. I don’t have to go searching for my tape measure to make sure the leg is long enough before I start the heel, or that the foot is long enough before I start the toe.

You can also use them to check your gauge (how many stitches per inch you are knitting). They are nice and smooth to knit with too. I love them!

You can find these at your local yarn shop, like The Spinning Room for example (that’s where I got mine), or if you can’t find them at your LYS, you can get them on Amazon here: Knitter’s Pride SmartStix

Some Other Stuff…

I was in the grocery store recently and just want to let you know that if you need ping pong balls, they are in with the paper plates:

Also, I have another picture of the fall view from our street. It’s just so pretty and I don’t want it to end:

The hills/mountains in the background are just gorgeous. Our mailbox is the red one way down the street on the right.

Actually, in order to avoid the correction that Paul may comment about, the mailbox is not “red”, it is Kandy Brandywine and it has a ghost flame painted on it. Paul painted it to match his race car:

(He also painted the ATV to match. There is no obsession there. Really.)

Do you have any recent finished objects? What toe do you use for socks? How is fall looking in your neck of the woods? Aren’t you glad I asked? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you Liz! Hope it was great. Glad to know about the alternate sock toe closing. Thank you. Too funny, those ping pong balls. Love the color of the car and the mailbox, and the scenery.

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