FO (Finished Object) Friday, on a Sunday

Hooray! I finished two knitted items. And more importantly, I did not start any new projects. So my WIP list is getting shorter and that’s the goal.

This post was supposed to go out on Friday, but I decided to change hosting providers and that took some time, so it’s getting posted today. Just pretend it is Friday (because “FO Friday” sounds much better than “FO Sunday”).

FO #1:

I finished one of my most recently started knitted items, the Derecho tee.

Finished Derecho knitting pattern by Alison Green using Berroco Remix Light yarn.
Derecho Tee with Berroco Remix Light

I. LOVE. IT. The yarn is soft and light and will be perfect to wear not just in spring, but in fall and winter with a long-sleeved tee under it.

But guess what? This project did not “finish” all that well. I washed it, laid it flat to dry and then put it on the dress for to take pics and that is when I spotted this:

Derecho tee with a dropped stitch.
Dropped stitch!

Can you see it? Right in the middle of the picture there is a hole that is not in line with all the other holes. A dropped stitch!

Here is a closer look:

Closeup of the dropped stitch in the Derecho knitted tee.  There is an easy way to fix a dropped stitch.
Closeup of the dropped stitch!

Do you see the hole with a row of holes above it? If you look even closer, at the top of the one hole, there is a loop and that is the dropped stitch. If I just left it, it would unravel up to the top of the tee.

Luckily, I’ve been knitting long enough that, while this is annoying, I know that it can easily be fixed. There is no way to bring the dropped stitch all the way down to the bottom of the sweater so I just took some sewing thread and tied the stitch and the hole shut on the inside!


FO #2:

Next up are the Maine Morning Mitts. Got them out of time out, ripped back the section that I knitted wrong, and re-knit:

Maine Morning Mitts knitted pattern by Clara Parkes made with Cascase 220 Superwash Aran Splatter yarn.
Maine Morning Mitts in Cascade 220 Superwash Aran Splatter

Feels great to have TWO things finished. I still haven’t gotten my Charleston Tea out of time out. I’m going to finish a couple of other things first. That one will take a little more time to undo what I did wrong. I’d like to have some more successes first!

I’ll show you what I’m working on this Wednesday for WIP Wednesday.

Other Stuff:

I went to see my sister, her boyfriend and my oldest nephew this weekend to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We had a nice, socially distanced visit on her back patio. I unloaded some of my many jars of pickles on them, and I also brought my youngest nephew’s finished blanket for her to bring to him.

In order to get to her house, I drive through The Berkshires. The only time of year I enjoy driving through The Berkshires is fall. All other seasons, on that stretch of the Mass Pike, it is either boring or snowing. This weekend it was beautiful:

A beautiful fall view of The Berkshires with the changing leaves on the trees.  This is at the highest elevation east of South Dakota.

This picture was taken (as the sign indicates) at the highest elevation east of South Dakota. Nice little piece of trivia for you.

See you back here on WIP Wednesday! Scroll down if you’d like to leave a comment about what you’ve finished recently. Also, please share or forward this if you think someone else would like it.


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