Everything and Nothing

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months were you are very, very busy but seemingly not getting anything done?? That’s how it’s been around here lately.

Every time I thought to myself, “Ooh, I’ve got to get a blog post out,” I then told myself I was too busy at that moment and then put it off. I finally have a few minutes and here I am wondering what to tell you about. I’ve been so busy but don’t have much to say!

So, here are some knitting updates on my taking-forever projects:

I’m making some headway on my Burra Cowl by Marie Wallin. Overall I like it but now I know more about picking colors and making sure they contrast more. Some parts of this look a little muddy and you can’t tell what the pattern in each of this “striped” secctions is supposed to be.

It’s ok, though. I’m getting better at two-color knitting and I like the very wooly yarn I’m using (Jamieson & Smith jumper weight). It is slow going, too. I’m only half way through the first of 6 repeats.

I’ve also been making slow progress on my Shona wrap (mine is narrower and will be a scarf).

The pattern is easy to follow and will make a great online class if I can finally get it finished!

And finally, I’ve made good progress on my Sweet Pea Blanket pattern with Moorland Blanket pattern colors crocheted blanket.

I have finally gotten to the blues/purples at the top (which represent the sky) and it is VERY long. Several more color changes to go and then I will be done. I’m very excited about it. EXCEPT FOR THE ENDS. OMG THE ENDS.

That’s it for knitting/crocheting.

I participated in a Facebook “wine tasting” that one of my friends hosted. It was a little wine class over a few days – reading posts about different kinds of wine, and then buying wine! A friend hosted it through Travelling Vineyards (kind of like a Tupperware party) and she got some prizes etc. based on how many things the participants bought. It was fun and educational.

I bought some wine:

Looking forward to trying them!

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with a pretty picture Paul took Thursday evening after a little rain shower:

2 thoughts on “Everything and Nothing

  1. Perfect spot for a rainbow! BTW LOVE your blanket (Attic 24?), and, the pattern in your Shona Wrap! Let me know how you like the wines – looks like you choose wine 3 out of 4 times based on label colors …

    1. I’m excited for the blanket to be done. I love it too. The wines are all pretty sweet which is what I like. Hopefully they are yummy!

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