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I’m having one of those I-don’t-even-know-where-to-start-because-I-want-to-talk-about-ALL-THE-KNITTING moments.  I have finished knitting to show you, started knitting to show you, and in-progress knitting to show you. BUT ALSO, I have knitting-that-I-really-want-to-start-right-now knitting, which came from falling down the rabbit hole on Ravelry recently.  The “Your Knitting Highlights” feature, where they suggest patterns you might like, based on what you have in your queue or on your project page or in your library, has become my downfall, because they are often right.  I like them and now my queue is 391 projects long. And I guarantee that for most of them, I don’t have the right yarn in my already obnoxiously large stash.

….And now it is 392 projects because as I typed that I realized I haven’t looked at it in 24 hours.

But anyway, on to finished knitting.  I finished the sweater that Mary commissioned me to make!

IMG_6285 IMG_6286

And here she is wearing it:


It looks great on her.  It fits her perfectly.  And she loves it.  Hooray!  This is the Vitamin D sweater.  I knit it with Tosh Sport yarn that she had, and I loved knitting with it.  Now, I want to make one for me (#393 in my queue).  It’s a great, flowy-in-front sweater.

I just remembered another finished knitting thing.  We had a special knit-in to reveal the finished socks from our sock circles at The Spinning Room.  (The sock circles were group of 8 knitters who each knit on all 8 pairs of socks and passed them around until they got back to the owner.)  Here is my groups socks:


Mine are the ones on the far right. I love them! (All these pictures were taken upside down because it was crowded at the shop!) Here are the socks from the other two groups:

IMG_6236 IMG_6235

Pretty neat, right???

So that’s it for finished knitting.  On to started knitting….I started a second Simple Chevron Scarf and worked on it while waiting to get the truck inspected:


I’ve been working on it watching tv and during the doodlebugs’ naptime and have gotten this far:


I’m using Knitting Fever Indulgence which has a little cashmere in it, so it is nice and soft.  Not my usual colors (purple, eggplant, periwinkle, sage green), but I was trying to go out of the box a little.

I also, somewhere along the way, worked a little bit on my Rhombus Feather Shawl:


Still doesn’t look like much, especially because it is not blocked.  The pattern is pretty easy to follow.  BUT, while I love this sage green color, I can’t seem to get past that I want it to look like the pattern picture.  Which is purple.  Of course.

On to the things I really want to start right this minute, but can’t because I really want to finish the other things….

This Whippet (long) which I found recently (#373 in my queue) and is the perfect project to use my O-Wool for, which is a fingering weight yarn and which I purchased specifically to make a sweater with (pictured in the upper left corner below):


This Wild Thing because it is so darn cute.

This Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl because it looks hard.

This Fino Circle Scarf because it is so darn easy and I got this yarn (the blue and the green) for it when we went to Maine this year:


(Ok, so that is two items in my queue that I CAN knit from my stash!)

And this Blue Jager Cowl because it looks so cozy and also because it is designed by a local-to-me knitter/designer, Celeste Young, and it is in her second knitting book, Baby & Me Knits! (Insert plug here:  Celeste will be at The Spinning Room yarn shop this Saturday, October 10th at 1pm selling and signing her book!)

And these Icing mitts, because they look cool, and despite my dislike for making shortened glove fingers – so fiddly!

My brain is spinning from all the must-start-now’s swimming around in my head.  But here is this that I like:




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  1. Oh my gosh I could read this whole thing!!!!!!! I didn’t understand it all but still I could SEE it! No more error messages. Aaahhh. It was all very lovely too.

  2. Wow! I never noticed that Your Highlights section on Ravelry before. Great… just what I need… more things I want to knit but am too slow to finish anything!

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