All the Fall Things

We are doing all the fall things around here…

1) Wearing wool socks:


2) Decorating the yard with mums, cornstalks and the wagon-wheel-find from the Madison/Bouckville Antiques Fair:


(Can you still see the well post?)

3) Making yummy gingerbread scones (King Arthur Flour mix = SO. SO. GOOD!):


4) Making lasagna when my mom/sous-chef visited:

img_7650 img_7651 img_7653

5) Watching the leaves turn from the view from my office:

6) Buying yummy fall treats:


(Those pumpkin spice English muffins are not as good as I wanted them to be.  I know a lot of people think the pumpkin spice thing is annoying but I am a total sucker for all the pumpkin spice things.)

7) Teaching a class for a cozy shawl/scarf (Silverleaf) while eating cookies:


8) And, of course, the knitting.

I finished the Retreat Cowl, and scheduled a class for November:

img_7635 img_7637

Finished the No-Purl Ribbed Scarf and scheduled a class for November too:


Felted slippers class is coming up this weekend and there are still openings if you want to join…. they are so. So. SO comfy!

What fall things have YOU been doing?

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