A This-and-That List

I’ve got a few things to tell you but they don’t all fit together so I’m putting them in a list!

Number 1 – the blocked cowl

An update on my finished The Calming Cowl: I blocked it and it looks so much better. This was before blocking:

See how the middle is all scrunched up? Well, here is how it looks after blocking:

Love it! I made this with Plymouth Homestead yarn (an aran weight yarn). If you are interested, I will be teaching a LIVE (!!) Zoom class for this cowl on December 12 from 10:30-1:00pm. It will be mostly like going to the shop to take a class but you stay home and I stay home! Just call The Spinning Room to sign up.

Number 2 – some books

I have a couple of books to tell you about that I finished. I just joined the Book of the Month Club and have loved the first two books I have picked.

The first is Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand:

This is the third book in a trilogy and I have enjoyed all three. Eline Hilderbrand is one of my favorite authors. Her books are light, romancy and dramatic.

Then I just finished Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane:

My kind of book! A mystery thriller with twists and turns. If you liked Gone Girl, you will likely enjoy this one.

Click here if you are interested in the Book of the Month club or click on the book pictures up there if you are interested in buying them on Amazon.

Number 3 – a pretty picture

A gorgeous picture out our front window at sunset yesterday:

Number 4 – a yummy recipe

Look at this scrumptiousness!

What? It just looks like a bunch of tater tots, you say? Well, it’s not…..

It is a bunch of tater tots on top of a chicken pot pie filling! O.M.G. So good! This is Molly Yeh’s (from Girl Meets Farm on the Food Network) Chicken Pot Hot Dish recipe. Love her show. She lives in the midwest and has a lot of recipes that are a twist on local dishes. Apparently “hot dish” is a common type of recipe that has a protein, a creamy soup and a starch on top. And apparently good for taking to a pot luck (but not now, during the pandemic!). For this recipe you make your own creamy soup instead of using the canned version. Try it! It’s SO. GOOD!

(Then this is where I confess that Paul and I only got to enjoy this once, even though there were a TON of leftovers. I got so excited about finishing the above-mentioned Pretty Little Wife book, that I went up to bed without putting it in the fridge. DOH! I’m refusing to blame it on “pandemic brain” that I keep hearing about and can sometimes relate to. But I WILL be making this again very soon.)

Number 5 – Um…..

Speaking of pandemic brain, I will also share with you that I recently tried to wash my face with my glasses still on. Sigh.

Number 6 – the next class sample?

Thinking ahead to another knitting project that I can teach online (and fully throwing myself into that as my excuse for not solely finishing up my works-in-progress) I’m thinking of these two patterns:

Berries, Leaves and Vines by Michael Harrigan:

Or the Bavarian Twisted Hat by Laura Farson (free pattern alert!):

Number 7 – WIP update

I’m almost done with my Longjohn socks! Hooray! I’ll show you those next time.

Anyone have any “pandemic brain” anecdotes. Please share in the comments below – I’m hoping I’m not alone!

2 thoughts on “A This-and-That List

  1. Okay, I will now blame this on pandemic brain: I made the L.T. Marshall Christmas Ornament Snowman (free pattern on Ravelry). However, I realized after I got it all together that I sewed the hat to the bottom instead of to the top. Eyes and scarf then appropriately placed below the hat. However, the button that was supposed to decorate the bottom half was sewn in place of the nose. And the orange “nose” ended up near the other end of the body looking strangely like a penis! (But my brother said it still is not anatomically correct, because it is lacking a couple of “snow” “balls!”) LOL. Moral of this story: PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing!

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