A New Look for the Blog

Looks different, right??? What do you think? I just thought it was time to change things up a little.

While you are here, though, how about a knitting update?

I was on stockinette island for about a week, seemingly going nowhere. This was all I saw for days on end:

There I was, knitting around and around and around and around on the body of my Derecho Tee and I swear, every time I measured, it didn’t get any longer.

Then suddenly, there I was at the 14″ I needed and I could work on the split hem detail:

Cute touch. A little longer in the back, as seems to be the style these days. Totally my style as I can use the coverage.

The last thing to do is the sleeves:

Thank goodness they are short sleeves. I couldn’t stand to be on sleeve island for another year, knitting long sleeves.

Hooray – almost done and I can show you a finished project! Hopefully my finished pictures will give you a true idea of the color. This pictures make it look gray. It is a light spring green color.

Then I’ll get the Maine Morning Mitts out of time out…

And speaking of pumpkin…. What? We weren’t we talking about that?… I made a pumpkin streusel cake:

Forgot to take a picture before we tried it. Oops. It’s yummy. I just used my good old Good Housekeeping Cookbook recipe and added the flour/sugar/butter/spices streusel. If you click that link, you can see the book on Amazon. however, be forewarned that my copy is from 1991 so the recipes might be different (an update might not be a bad thing!).

And now, for a Pumpkin Spice Latte correction: Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes do, in fact, have a small amount of pumpkin puree in them! (Although, in my defense, they did not start out that way. They only added the puree starting in 2015.) Either way, I love them.

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2 thoughts on “A New Look for the Blog

  1. LOVELY TEE! BtTW the colir is slightly off white on my iPad screen. However, I’ve seen the beautiful spring green on another device. ❤️. I like your new home screen and structure of your blog

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