A Knitting Class on ZOOM??

Yes! A knitting class on Zoom! How the heck does that work, you ask? It works great – maybe better than you’d think!

I taught my first LIVE class this past weekend and it went really well. I only had one student but she was extremely happy with the format, and said she would definitely take more classes this way. This is a really good substitute for in-person classes if in-person classes are not right for you, especially now that the colder weather is coming and pandemic numbers are on the rise.

My student, Mary Jane, got emailed the Zoom meeting link and we both logged in with our video and audio enabled. I also logged in with my iPhone which I used as a camera so I could demonstrate the techniques. Here is a screen shot:

(You also get a glimpse of my craft room/work-from-home office!)

You can see my phone affixed to a clip above my head, which gives you the demonstration frame you see below my picture.

On Mary Jane’s computer, she “pinned” the screen with my demonstration so it filled up her whole screen and she could very clearly see what I was demonstrating.

When Mary Jane had an issue with what she was knitting, she held it up to her computer camera and I could help her figure out what went wrong. While I could not physically help her get her knitting back on track by working on her project for her, I was able to talk her through it.

Here are all my supplies that I used for my demonstrations: my demo yarn, the pattern with all my crazy notes and the chart I came up with to help students keep track of the pattern:

So, if you miss taking knitting classes because of this crazy pandemic, I’d encourage you to give this a try. Not only will you get to try some new knitting techniques, but there is some socializing going on too. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty big part of knitting classes anyway! And who doesn’t need some good knitting and socializing these days?

If you are interested in taking a knitting class online, I will be teaching more classes through The Spinning Room and you just need to contact them to sign up! (click there)

Next class is: The Calming Cowl, Saturday, December 12, 10-12:30

And I’ve just started working on the Bavarian Twisted Hat by Laura Farson for a future class:

I hope to see you there!

What do you think of live, online knitting classes? Are you a fan? A skeptic? Let me know in the comments below.

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