A Hat Thing

Apparently I have a hat thing going on…

The cool weather is here and it’s screaming for ALL THE KNITS to come out and so I’ve got all ALL THE KNITTING happening.

You already saw my finished Ruched Toque by Susan Anderson.

And that I started the November Hat by Meghan Kelly:

I finished the November Hat….

Then started and finished another!

This is the Forest Lake Hat from the Blue Sky Fibers hat and cowl kit I bought while on vacation in North Carolina.

By the way, I’m CRANKING out the yarn/kits that I bought on vacation this year. The kit came with four colors of the Blue Sky Fibers Extra Aran yarn and the patterns for both, all in this very sturdy project bag that looks like paper but it’s not. The yarn is wonderfully soft and I love the muted colors.

Once I finished the hat, I immediately started on the cowl and I’m steadily making my way through that.

The last two hats had pom poms which I’m not always thrilled with the look of, but they were cute on these, so I included them. I used my handy Clover Pom Pom Maker which make it sooooooooo easy. (click on that link if you’d like to purchase one on Amazon)

But I’ve got my eye on one more hat pattern…

We went to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck recently and I couldn’t resist this cute kit that came with a pom pom. It will be a Worsted Knit Basic Beanie by Diane Serviss.

After that I think my hat thing will be over for a while – I’ve got to get back to work on my Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli since the cool weather is here!

Doesn’t look like much, and it’s a little wrinkled because it’s been in a bag, so I added Smudge to the picture for some interest.

Are you doing any winter-y preparations? Knitting? Cooking? Candle gathering? (I’ve been doing a TON of cooking, too. Stay tuned…)

2 thoughts on “A Hat Thing

  1. Everything is fabulous, love the colors you use, you do an excellent job!
    I am knitting a baby boy blanket, hope someone has a boy soon to give it to.
    Great job! Annette

  2. Love all your results!! I’ve knit several Hats for Sailors and also at least seven soap sacks for the LYS charity. Then some people I know lost all their Christmas decorations (years’ worth) when their basement flooded in the last hurricane. They are looking to replace their handmade ornaments, so I have been knitting up a storm (no pun intended) for that. I’ve been having fun with Marianna Mel’s Cute Christmas Baubles available for free on Ravelry, among other patterns.

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