A Friday List

1) Take a look at the wonderful summer window Christine knit for The Spinning Room!


She knit a mermaid! And a jellyfish!

2) After a two-week absence, we saw the ground hog.  So, his fate with the bobcat was not what we had hoped thought.

3) The weather was iffy this week, but I kept the doodlebugs busy with blanket tents/slides/hammocks:


and, in between rain showers…..


Hippity hops!!  Who remembers hippity hops???  I remember one that was red and had a horse head on it, with handles on either side of his head.  They LOVE these and bounced around for a loooooong time.  I even made an obstacle course for them to hop around.


4) Yet again, not much knitting.  It’s coming, though, because I currently have no classes scheduled to teach at The Spinning Room.  I have to get crack-a-lackin’!

One thought on “A Friday List

  1. Wow, thanks for including the window! I really enjoy reading of your adventures on and off the needles! I won’t see you on Wed. as it is High Tea prep – but – have fun and keep smiling!

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