A few quick things to tell you about on this snowy Presidents’ Day, then I’m going to snuggle up on the couch with my knitting.

I finished my Yellowstone hat:

The doubled-over-sewn-down brim is so warm and cozy and the slipped stitch pattern gives is a nice, textured look.

I wore it out snowshoeing today!

I have no pictures of me wearing the hat or us wearing the snowshoes. I’ll tell you it was all I could do to stay upright, since we have a bit of a hilly terrain in our yard. For the first-time-ever snowshoeing experience it was probably not the greatest idea to start by going down hill….. I enjoyed it much more when we got to the leveled-out section of the yard where the snowmobile track goes through. But it was still fun and incredibly tiring and I have lots of screaming muscles.

It is a beautifully snowy day here though and it was the perfect temperature for being outside. Which is a nice change since it has been in the single digits and teens here for seemingly a year.

This week I also made Millionaire’s Bars :

Buttery shortbread on the bottom, buttery creamy caramel in the middle, semi-sweet chocolate on the top. O.M.G.

The caramel is a tiny bit tricky in that you need a thermometer – it has to cook to a certain temperature so it will stay nice and soft when you eat it. But, soooooo worth it! (As the was the 15-18 minute arm workout I got from having to stir constantly for that amount of time.)

I think my shortbread came out a little thick but it was still yummy.

Lastly, an update on Smudge’s couch. I think I showed it to you here when he got it. It’s the cutest stinkin’ thing, crocheted by my friend Renee:

He was having a bit of a hard time getting used to it and I’ve been moving it around the house to find a spot he’d like to sleep on it.

The other day, he wanted to be near me while I was working and so he curled up in it!

He may be a tiny bit too big for it but he slept there all afternoon so I think he likes it!

His all-time favorite spot though is here:

Waiting for birds and squirrels…

Have a great week – if you are in the northeast stay warm and safe. It’s going to be a snowy/sleety week!

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  1. LOVE the colors in your hat! Re snowshoeing: might it be easier if the snowshoes were the bigger type like in the olden days?LOL… Smudge is STILL the cutest!❤️

  2. PS .. forgot to mention the desert – omg it looks celestial❤️ – good for you re the caramel! I understand that can be tricky – did you guys eat it all? hahahahaha!

  3. That dessert looks like a lovely valentine! You’ll have to make that sometime when we have classes in person again (and provide hand wipes!). Looks scrumptious!

    Love the hat and the kitty couch is just too cute. I’ve never seen a kitty couch before. Smudge is very lucky!

    Stay war, stay well,

    1. Thanks Bea – I will definitely make it another time so making it for a class is a great idea so we don’t eat it all

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