Tennis Calf – it’s a real thing

Welcome to the new blog location!  You may notice some tweaking of the site going on, so bear with me. I didn’t want to stop posting while I fiddled around learning some new stuff about the website.

I made a quick trip to Connecticut this past weekend because I had a friend in need.  She has tennis calf.  Yes, apparently that is a real thing.  She tore her calf muscle while playing tennis and was in a boot.  She was barely able to get around, except with crutches, and unable to drive.  And it takes a reeeeeaaaaalllllly long time to heal.

Check out the cool way she carries her phone!

So I went for the day to keep her company and be her taxi driver.  We went to the grocery store and the library and I reminded her how to knit.  Had lunch, chatted and caught up and then went to pick up the kids at the bus stop.  I think it was a good diversion for her and broke up the monotony of her days stuck at home.

After that, I met up with my mom and we had a yummy dinner at First and Last Tavern in Avon.  The next day we went to The Little Silver Shop, also in Avon, because she wanted to find a necklace.  She treated me to some pretty earrings!


As we were driving back to her house, talking about books, we decided to turn around and go to the bookstore.  Because we couldn’t resist.  And because neither of us has any books to read a home. Ha!  I couldn’t resist picking up Night Film, which I had just heard about on the Books on the Nightstand Podcast.  I’m such a sucker when they talk so enthusiastically about a book.


Speaking of books, when I got back home these were waiting for me:


I had a bit of an online shopping “accident” the other day.  But in my defense, I had coupons that were about to expire.  And I may or may not have pre-ordered Martha Stewart’s Cakes: Our First-Ever Book of Bundts, Loaves, Layers, Coffee Cakes, and more with a coupon that I just got and was nowhere near expiring.  Because, you know, I don’t have enough books to read.  Or enough cookbooks.

In other book news, I finished reading Smash Cut: A Novel by Sandra Brown.  A suspenseful thriller with lots of twists and turns, as the murder mystery unfolds. And a little romance too.  One part made me gasp out loud because something happened that I wasn’t expecting.  I believe this is the first book I’ve read by Sandra Brown and I will likely read another!

Are you reading anything good?

2 thoughts on “Tennis Calf – it’s a real thing

  1. Love the new blog – your banner is fantastic! Show off your gorgeous knits!
    “night Film” looks very interesting – I read Pessl’s first book and found it dazzling and frustrating. The ending and tying up the plot lines was like
    “whaaa?!?” in a bad way.

    1. Thanks Libby! You recognized my handknits! Interesting to know about Pessl’s first book. You will see on this blog how I like Night Film when I read it.

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