2021 Goals and Obsessions

I started getting obsessed with a couple of yarn-y things the past few days. I’ll tell you about those in a minute.

First, let me show you some other things!

In my quest to clean up all my works-in-progress, I finished my The Girl from the Grocery Store scarf/shawl by Joji Locatelli (love her!):

I made this using Perwinkle Sheep Watercolors yarn in the Rhinebeck 2017 and 10th Anniversary colorways.

It’s a big/long scarf/shaw with a pretty feather and fan lace edge:

I am also almost done with my Archway Lace Wrap-that-I-turned-into-a-scarf:

The pattern is pretty and pretty easy. It will look more open and much prettier once it’s blocked. If you can’t wait for my next blog post to show you the result, you can click on the link up there to see the pattern page pictures.

The problem is…. I’m getting really impatient. And a little bored. I’m using Hikoo Sueno which is a merino/bamboo yarn that I love. I’m just about done with the second skein and I’m pretty sure I’ll be ending the scarf there. It won’t be the longest scarf in the world but it will be functional!

I’m also thinking of teaching this as an online class (let me know in the comments if this is something you’d like!) because it would be great practice for next-level-from-beginner lace knitters. If I was teaching in the classroom, I’d probably say it would be ok for beginners too, but since I can’t be there to rescue mistakes, I’ll say it should be for those with a little lace experience.

Ok, now on to GOALS and OBSESSIONS…

Goal/Obsession #1: My WIP Sweet Pea Blanket which is a crochet project.

This was a Crochet-a-Long with Lucy at the Attic24 blog. She has wonderfully vibrant crochet designs. This actually started out as the Moorland Blanket but because I’m not a terrific crocheter, the wave pattern for that one kept getting me mixed up. Here is what that pattern looks like:

I loved the colors so much of the Moorland Blanket (click on that link to see the whole blanket with the color progression – it’s beautiful!), though, so I decided to use a different, easier-for-me, pattern. The Sweet Pea blanket pattern stitch fit the bill.

I decided to make it one of my 2021 knitting (crocheting) goals to finish this blanket. Seeing how I’m picking it back up in January, I’m hoping it will be a realistic goal!

Here are my notes for how many more stripes and which colors to use.

I had purchased one of Lucy’s yarn kits from Wool Warehouse and followed her suggestion for creating a little color card to know which colors matches the names. You can see I’m only partway through page 2 of 6 of my notes. I’ve got quite a ways to go, but I’m excited about it. Again, if you look at the picture of the Moorland blanket, you can see how the colors progress, so that makes it exciting to work on.


…. ugh… the number of ends I’ll need to weave in! Or quickly figure out how to incorporate them with each new row.

Goal/Obsession #2: Knit the Burra Cowl by Marie Wallin.

Picture is from the Marie Wallin pattern page on Ravlery.

She designs beautiful colorwork knitted items and I’ve been wanting to knit something of hers for a long time. I’m not terrific with color selection (this one has 11 colors!) so I’m going to attempt to purchase the Jamieson Shetland Spindrift yarn she uses for this. It’s a little bit sold out at a few places I’ve checked so I may have to gather it piecemeal over the course of time.

I could have started with something smaller, like the Ness Tam

Picture is from the Marie Wallin Ness Tam pattern page in Ravelry.

But, I just like something about the colors in the Burra Cowl.

Once I get my mind set on something, it’s hard for me to let it go, so I’ll be spending a bit of time online finding the yarn so I can start the Burra Cowl soon. Luckily I have my other obsession to work on in the mean time.

This Burra Cowl obsession morphed into an obsession about someday knitting Marie’s Sage Throw:

Picture is from Marie Wallin’s Sage Throw pattern page on Raverly.

O.M.G. Isn’t it beautiful?

I bought the pattern. It uses size US2 and US3 needles – gulp (for non-knitters, that is a very small needle which means it would take a very long time to knit).

Confession: I started compiling an online cart for the yarn for this one. I’m going to empty the cart. I think.

Do you have any knitting/crochet goals/obsessions for 2021? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “2021 Goals and Obsessions

  1. Love all you projects..
    Scarf looks interesting and I have been crocheting a lot of mosaic blankets thus year so really loved the stranded blanket but it would take some time….wonderful ideas for thought…

  2. Your blog was so jam packed with great ideas…been doing mosaic crochet so the knitted blanket looks inviting for a long knit…I think the lace scarf might be a good virtual class…why not try it?

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