Yet again

It’s one of those days.  I wanted to write a blog post, but I’ve got nothing.  Despite it being pretty busy lately.  Maybe it’s because I’m telling you the same things.

Like, yet again, I made some tomato sauce:


6 more jars.

And, yet again, I made something with apples:


A really yummy apple crisp that I shared with the students in a class I taught this weekend (yet again).

And, yet again, I did some knitting, but not as much as I would have liked, so there is nothing really new to show you there.

Oh, but here is something new:  We went to GE Family Day on Saturday!  GE sponsored a whole day of rides, food, music, and building tours — all for FREE – for its employees and their families.  Paul and I went with the doodlebugs and their parents.  Despite the pouring rain for the first couple of hours we were there, we had some fun.  The kids couldn’t go on the rides or on the bounce house/slides because they were wet.  So we walked around, petted some animals, ate some food, listened to a little music and went into the building Paul works in and saw humongous steam turbine parts.  We also saw this:


Four people parachuting with streamers and flags — it was thrilling to watch.


Later, as we were getting to the car, the fireworks show began (starting with the same people parachuting – IN THE DARK- and having fireworks shooting from their feet!), so we stayed to watch that:


A pretty amazing event for GE to put on for their employees.  I hope the next time they have it, it will be a beautiful day and we can enjoy all of it.

That’s it for today! Next post: Something More Exciting

4 thoughts on “Yet again

  1. Wow, GE Plastics-Selkirk never had fireworks that I know of, or parachuters. But our daughters seemed to enjoy what there was back when. Of course, it was always nice to see where their dad worked. And thanks again for the yummy apple crisp. Maybe you should start giving cooking, as well as knitting, classes.

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