The doodlebugs have hit the “Why?” stage.  Wish me luck getting through it….

Conversation the other day with B:

B: (as he is getting into the stroller and sees a leaf on the seat) “Can I eat that?”

Me: “No. You cannot eat that.”

B: “Why can’t I eat that?”

Me: “Because we don’t eat leaves.”

B: “Why don’t we eat leaves?”

Me: “Well, actually, we can eat lettuce leaves. But only lettuce leaves.”

B: “Why can we eat lettuce leaves?”

Me: “Because they are good for us.”

B: “Why are they good for us?”

Me: “Because they have fiber.” (I think.)

B:”Why do they have fiber?”

Me: *sigh* “…………….. I don’t know.”

B: ” Why don’t you know?”

Me: “Hey, look!  A police car!”


In the meantime, they are also at the age where they are very curious about everything so I’ve found some fun things to do with them.

The Dancing Raisins (found on the Kids Activities Blog):


One glass with seltzer water (makes the raisins dance).  One glass with plain water (those raisins are sleeping).

And, when reading the Curious George Rides a Bike book and discovering instructions for how to make a paper boat, we made some:


(Ugh – terrible, blurry picture. Sorry.)

….which turned into a game of Does it Float or Does it Sink?


Cereal bars float.  Rubber bands sink (who knew?).

Knitting has been happening in fits and starts and I may or may not have gotten 24 books for $8 at the town wide garage sale.  And a toaster oven.  More in the next post….

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