Weighing In

I did something kind of crazy and got Paul to agree to it.

Earlier this year, Paul and I went to the antiques show at Brimfield (as we do, about three times a year) on a hunt for cool stuff.  We found these:


…with an idea to do something like this for my craft room:


They didn’t already have a “knit” sign (go figure) and despite my best efforts to convince they guy that they would make a lot of money on them, he wouldn’t go for it.

Paul worked his magic and transformed the letters into a light sign.

And then, I had an idea. I said to Paul, “We have a great space on a wall in our living room. Why don’t we put the letters there instead of the craft room?”    Pretty bold move to suggest having my hobby take over our main living space. [I say that like it hasn’t already – spinning wheel, several yarn projects scattered on and around the couch…] After all, I don’t think I’d be as keen if he asked to put one of those car-front-end-sticking-out-of-the-wall “sculptures” in there.  What do you know? He actually said, “Ok.”






It’s really hard to get a good picture with it lit up. It gives a great ambient light in the room which is also perfect for that dark corner of the couch. However. If you didn’t notice already, it is rather large. They didn’t seem that big when we bought them.  And although the letters are now painted white, it looks pretty “industrial” when it is not lit, which doesn’t exactly go with our décor.  [I say that like we have any idea of what our “style” is that would lead to us having “décor” related to that style.]

Let’s just say it definitely doesn’t mesh with Paul’s tendency towards the conservative/not flashy/not Broadway light-ish.  And since that wall faces the huge picture window we have in the front of the house, anyone driving by (in the winter) can totally see it. I, on the other hand, happen to like funky things and things that are a little different. And I love knitting so why not say it in lights?

I think he might be leaving it up to me as to whether or not it stays. Add that to the many reasons I love him.

So, here’s your chance to weigh in:  Should it stay or should it go up to the craft room?

8 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. So Live with it for 2 weeks..your heart will tell you whether you want It there or in the craft room…..but I love it so either place seems fine…which wall gets hubcaps?…equal opportunity……….

  2. I think they look really cool. I would leave them there for awhile, especially for the winter months when there is a need for more light. You can always move them at any time you decide…….. Either way, they came out really cool ( I said that already!). I also think your living space looks very comfortable and inviting.

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