We Have a Garage in the Garage

We have part of a garage in our garage.   009

The rest of it is spread out in the yard. 013

Oh, and the windows are in the house.

Waiting for the Amish to come build it.  Our pole building “kit” was delivered yesterday. All those parts just don’t look like they will add up to a building.   And it’s called a “kit” building.  Doesn’t that make you think of an arts and crafts project?  Something not terribly sturdy?  Like a balsa wood airplane?

The builders – an Amish company from Pennsylvania – are not due to come until mid-October-ish.  So, the big task is to follow all of the directions for how to make sure each part is protected.  So, the insulation and some of the wood is in the garage.  The rest just couldn’t be moved by us, so we are off to the store to purchase more tarps since, shockingly, Paul did not have enough. (He is the King of tarps around here.  And moving blankets.)

In the meantime, I’ve been getting into the fall decorating groove.  Got sticker shocked by fall wreaths,  most of which seemed rather gaudy to me.  So, I set out to make my own.  One trip to JoAnn’s later: 001

And I got out my trusty-have-had-for-a-million-years glue gun: 003

And made this: 004 012

More my speed.  Subtle.  Simple.  But still fall-ish. (Although it does remind me a bit of those hat’s the Duchess of Wales wears.)

And today was officially the first bundle-up-for-my-walk-with-the-doodlebugs day:


I just love fall.

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