Where have you been?  I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for you to come back and read my blog.  Oh, wait.  That means I’d have to write a post, right?  Well, there’s that.  Life has been life as it has been lately so instead of excuses, I’ll just give a blog post when I can.  Don’t forget this about me:


So, Thanksgiving happened.  I’m thankful for all the readers of my blog, especially if you kept coming back to a November 14 post hoping for a new one. Thanks for hanging in.  Lots of turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and probably a vegetable somewhere in there.

Lots of knitting classes happened.  I remembered to take a picture of one:


Picking up button band stitches on the Tea Leaves Cardigan.  They are all coming along nicely.  And now I already have almost two full classes for this sweater in January/February!

Then it got cold one day and hippity-hoppers needed hats and mittens:


And then I started the Baa-ble Hat, which is just about the cutest hat ever.  I had the pattern (Just the pattern.  Just a picture.  Not even started.) at the yarn shop one day and I had seven people on a preliminary waitlist to take the class.  Which I hadn’t even scheduled.  And for which I hadn’t even knitted the sample!

So, I figured I should probably start it and here’s what happened:


See how cute the sheep are?  See how they are different sizes?  See how my sets of 5 white stitches on the needle are all the same size?  For some who-knows-what reason (although I know: it was the tried-to-knit-during-post-Thanksgiving-meal-shenanigans thing) I simply followed the little pattern for the first sheep (near the red arrow).  And the funny thing is, I knew the sheep were different sizes.  It was what I loved most about the hat, that they looked like a haphazard herd.  Oy.

But, ripped out a few rows, got back on track and I’m now on the top decreases:


I was worried that my burgundy brim would hide the sheep legs too much, and I was right, but I love the colors anyway.  Next picture will be pom-pom’ed and blocked!  A pretty quick knit for me.  Which is good because I now have two full classes already scheduled for this one in January/February too!

Now, on to more holiday preparations since it is already December 9 and who knows how that happened.  The good thing is that some of it is knitting so I can kill two birds with one stone with this:



2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Love the procrastiKNITing comment! May include it with Christmas cards/presents this year.
    I am suffering that same malady/pleasure. Happy holidays! – Bea

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