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I love my Brickless scarf/shawl, but the pictures I took are kind of terrible.  I have no idea what was going on.  I’m blaming it on the holiday frenzy even though it’s now January 8.  I think there is only one good picture.  It goes against every blogging-with-pictures rule to put these pictures in here but I’m doing it anyway because I’m too impatient to try and take more. I think you’ll get the idea of what it looks like.

Note to self (again):  Get a better camera (then read that book you got on taking pictures and practice taking pictures).


This defeats the point of having a “light-box-that-isn’t-really-a-light-box” since you can see the edges and there is a glare from the window. But I wanted to show you the asymmetry.

I guess this one shows it too, but it’s not blocked yet here:


This is also the best representation of the real color.

Here it is blocking:


Ugh – that yellow table jut doesn’t do anything for this picture.

And I couldn’t get it to drape right on my stick-thin dress form:


A close-up of the pattern (this is the good one):


And I wanted to show you the back – this one is blurry:


But I love it. It’s funky and eclectic.  It was pretty easy to knit and went along very quickly.  And I really love the yarn – Periwinkle Sheep merino d k.  LOVE.

Ok.  Sorry to put you through that.  I’m going to re-group and finish “recovering from the holidays” so the next post won’t be so painful for you to look at!

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