Throwback Weekend

The holiday weekend was filled with lots of throwback moments.  First of all, it was Musclepalooza XIX at Lebanon Valley Dragway, where there were lots of older race cars, including Paul’s 1970 Buick Sportwagon: IMG_2545 IMG_2544 It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time with Paul’s friend Rob and his parents.  Here is Rob’s 1985 Buick Somerset: IMG_2553 (consulting with Paul about the next run…) Rob and his dad Ray: IMG_2543 And Ray with Rob’s mom, Lucille: IMG_2569 And their very sweet dog Abby: IMG_2574 I had my usual Pit Crew Chief duties.  Waiting in the staging lanes with water: IMG_2567 IMG_2558 Writing dial-in numbers on the window: IMG_2565 (That would be Paul’s determination that he would cross the finish line in 10.9 seconds or slower.) Watching from the starting line: IMG_2549 And waiting at the end of the return road to make sure I did not need to go tow him with the ATV: IMG_2572 Then helping to pack up at the end of the day: IMG_2582 (Yes, the door to Rob’s car comes off.  He takes it off so he can see when he is driving it up onto the trailer – the window doesn’t roll down so he can’t stick his head out of it to see!) ….after we did not get to the: IMG_2578 And here we are doing a selfie, trying to make the “loser” sign turn out right in the picture: IMG_2576 (We failed.  It looked right in the camera as we were taking the picture….) More throwback moments included Paul’s brother digging out some of Paul things from his mom’s house: IMG_2539 And I showed them pictures from my grandfather’s professional baseball playing days: IMG_2628 (My mom is playing catcher in that picture in the middle!) So much fun.  Knitting has been done, but I’m saving that for the next post…. I know, you are probably on pins and needles just waiting for it.

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