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“Let me just finish this row.”  Does that sound familiar to you knitters?  I’ve said this countless times to Paul.  When he has asked if I’m ready to go somewhere, it’s “Yes, let me just finish this row.”  When he has asked me to help him with something, “Sure, I’m just going to finish this.” Or I’ve said it to myself: “When I’m finished with this row I’m going to bed.”  When I say it to Paul, I get the eye roll or the sigh and the resigned “okay.”

Well, the other day I asked Paul if he was ready to eat dinner and he said:

“Yes, let me just finish this row.”  The minute it was out of his mouth we both laughed!

And after that one more row and eating dinner and a few more rows….

Hooray!  We have a deck!  Railings will come next year.  I texted this picture to my sister and she said, “I think you might need a bigger table.” Ha!  Better furniture coming next year too.  We do have a gazebo-y thing to put up but that will go up sometime this week.

I immediately put the deck to good use…

In other news, I happened to be at Starbucks on THE FIRST DAY OF PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!!!

Those are my jam!!  I love them. [The experience was only very slightly marred by the cashier at the drive-thru window telling me how much he also looked forward to the pumpkin spice lattes coming out but that inevitably a week before that happens, his lactose intolerance acts up. I kid you not.  He really said that.]

And speaking of fall when the PSL’s come out, so does the potential for frost:

We were prepared (actually, Paul was prepared) with this humongous tarp that happens to fit over the whole garden. My tomatoes are finally starting to turn color and my one, lone butternut squash is hanging in there and ripening.

Raise your hand if you took advantage of Craftsy’s free viewing day yesterday.  I did!  I watched a class on how to make bread.  I’m hoping to make sandwich bread and English muffins sometime soon.  For some reason I can’t find the exact class to share with but you can click here for a link to Craftsy Food and Cooking Classes. It was fun and very interesting!  I’m hoping to take the Handmade Sourdough: From Starter to Baked Loaf  class next.  Sourdough is one of my favorite breads – especially when it is toasted and spread with butter and jam.  Let me know if you viewed any classes and what you liked!

And now I’m off to finish several rows on my commissioned knitting project so I can show it to you in the next post!



6 thoughts on “This Row

  1. Too funny that “row” business! The deck looks wonderful (and useful)!! And yes, I took advantage of the free Craftsy classes. I needed a refresher on the Double Knitting I took at TSR. Very helpful!

  2. The deck is beautiful – enjoy!
    I realized after I read your Craftsy remark that I must have missed a previous post. Now I know to look into the offerings via your link.

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