This is What I Get

To the park with the doodlebugs on a beautiful but crisp spring day!


Lots of running around and rolling down hills.

Come home and see this in my reflection in the microwave:


Why didn’t they tell me???  This is what I get for hanging out with 4-year-olds.

(Nevermind, “Why didn’t I weave in the end?”  I’ll tell you why: Because it was supposed to be on the inside and no one was supposed to see it.  There is another one tucked into the folded up brim.)

Okay, and by the way, isn’t that a great hat??  I love it.

They redeemed themselves by helping me make a pie and some cookies for their grandma:



And they were nice enough to give us some yummy treats:IMG_6935

I guess they are ok after all.  And I will educate them about weaving in ends and looking out for their Auntie Liz wearing her hats inside out.

Oh, and this happened near us:


Hooray for saving an old barn!

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