This is ridiculous…

Ok, so… SERIOUSLY??????

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It’s 35 degrees today. The snow from this morning melted but now it’s snowing again.  And we had sleet covering the deck last night.  So. Over. It.

But yesterday was a beautiful day.  Nice enough for the doodlebugs to go up and down Grandma’s street 12 times “putting out fires”…


In knitting news, I finished and blocked my Spectral cowl:

IMG_5455 IMG_5452

….and I am yet again in a there-is-so-much-to-knit-and-I-just-don’t-have-enough-hands-to-work-on-them-all-simultaneously phase.  Which leads me to be somewhat stuck and not knitting much.  What I really should be doing is working on the second half of my Second Story Tee:


It would be nice to be done with it soon so I can wear it. However, I was telling someone yesterday that this feels a bit like knitting socks.  Instead of having Second Sock Syndrome, I’m having Second Side (Story?) Syndrome.  I’ve knit the first side, and it seemed to take forever.  And now the second side is exactly the same and I’m just not in the mood to knit the same exact thing all over again.  But I want to wear it!

So instead I started working on the Bag! You’re it! market bag to teach as a class this summer.  And I found this cool cowl too. Apparently I have no problems creating distractions to avoid monotony.

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