This and That

Some tidbits from the past couple of weeks….

A package arrived from England!  

My Hedgerow Yarns order of sock yarn in the Apple Blossom colorway to knit my Apple Blossom socks by Helen Stewart.  It came in the most lovely packaging and included extra treats: a little sachet of lavender (a moth deterrent in case you were interested), a bag of tea, and Fizzers (fizzing Smarties!).

And here is the yarn:

Now I just have to wait for my square needles to arrive and I’ll be ready to restart the socks!

Speaking of socks, here are the beginnings of the most recent Two Socks on One Circular Needle class:

Off to a great start!

In food news, after a failed attempt on the day they opened (due to rain and, despite the rain, an extremely long line), Paul and I went to Jumpin’ Jack’s for the first time this season.

So good. (It was raining again, but the line was short!)

And I found my most recent tea obsession:

Stash Tea Breakfast In Paris : Lavender, bergamot and vanilla. So yummy.

Forgot to show you my stack of books obtained at the library book sale we went to in Virginia:

Our town library book sale is coming up in a couple of weeks so I better get reading.

In DIY news, here is Paul’s most recent rehabbed 1950’s stool, sandblasted, painted and reupholstered:

Sold on my Facebook page in 8 minutes!

And here are our next projects to rehab:

Habitat for Humanity Re-Store is our new favorite place.

And lastly,  some signs of spring are arriving in our yard.  The mallard couple stopped by for their yearly visit:

We’ve got a family of four turtles floating around in the pond too.

And beautiful sunsets, which are happening around 7:30 these days:

I’m so happy for the nicer weather!

Next time, hoping to show you some knitting, possibly my finished Tangled Shawl!


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  1. You and Paul could go into business “Repurposing” those great flea market/garage sale finds. There is a TV show about that where 2 teams compete with their projects but I can’t think of the name right now. I love that show. By the way, I am drooling over your recent yarn purchase. Yummy!

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