The Real Super Bowl

THE GAME was on last night. We are not football fans.  We never watch football, except for the Super Bowl.  And even then, we only 1/2 watch it.  We prepared for our usual not-really-watching-but-we-like-snacks evening thusly:

IMG_4766 IMG_4768

The rolled, stuffed pizza dough was my adaptation of something that was supposed to go in sliced French bread.  However the butter just oozed out of the pizza dough and it wasn’t as good as we had thought it would be.  But, did I ever tell you my favorite way to cook bacon, thanks to Ina?:


Sooooo much easier than in a pan, and sooooo much less messy.

But really, here is my idea of a super bowl:


A YARN bowl. (Credit for that joke has to go to Paul.  He’s full of yarn jokes.  I don’t always remember to pass them along to you.  I need to keep a little notebook with me to write them down.  His suggestion.)  I did some knitting after the eating.  Then at 9pm I went upstairs and watched Downton Abbey, so missed all of the hullabaloo at the end.

And by the way, I think the scarf is almost done.  It has taken 8 years to finish and it seems the more I knit, the less long it gets.  Yes, I know that’s impossible, but it seems like it.  Stay tuned for the finished, blocked pictures.

However, earlier in the day was this:

IMG_4756 IMG_4759

To bring to an afternoon of spinning with friends.  On the way there, we saw these two:


Just licking the road.  (We saw their friend, behind the fence a little ways up, looking wistfully at his free friends.   Then we saw some neighbors who were going to knock on the owners’ door to let them know.)  A very pretty day for a drive, and a fun afternoon.

Here is one of the wheels at Laurie’s house:


Wow.  I think it’s called a great wheel.

I worked on this pretty Bitsy Knits 100% Merino mill end roving in the South Sea Isles color:

IMG_4775 IMG_4774

And today, there is this:

IMG_4773 IMG_4769

16″ expected.  I’m so glad I don’t have to go out.  Maybe I can finish the scarf-that-won’t-end.

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  1. You are too funny! Eight YEARS? And I thought I was taking a long time with my projects! That rolled pizza does look yummy. And I love fresh-baked bread. Go Liz. And FYI: My daughter is reading your blog, too. – Bea

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