The Last Day of Summer

Today is the last day of summer.  To celebrate, we made our yearly trek with my mother-in-law up to the Lake George outlets to get her favorite sneakers at the Easy Spirit store.  But really, it was an excuse to stop here for lunch:


No lines.  No waiting.  We figured we better go before they close for the season (October 13, if you are local and interested).   I would have taken a picture of our ice cream, however because of the humid day, the rainbow sprinkles on my pistachio soft serve were abandoning ship like nobody’s business and I had to eat the ice cream in 5 seconds flat.

And also, a few days ago, we had to go here:


…. because it WAS the last day.  Again, no lines.  No waiting.  And again, if I had remembered, I would have taken a picture before we ate it:


I did get a picture of this sign, over on the right hand side, which you cannot read, but I will tell you what it says:


“Money cannot buy you happiness.  But it can buy you ice cream, which is kind of the same thing.”

This guy also showed up again this weekend:


I don’t think we usually see him this late in summer, but it’s always cool.  We watched him eat a mouse, which was gross.  I have a feeling we won’t see him again this season.

And while we were gone today, since it’s the last day of summer and tomorrow is fall, this seemed to happen all of a sudden:


And I’m pretty sure, because it’s the last day of summer and we are going to grill hamburgers, the grill will run out of gas.

All this last stuff?  This is all ok with me.  I love fall.  I’m ready for it.  Goodbye humid, make-your-ice-cream-melt weather.  I can wait until next season for ice cream.  Bring on the pumpkin everything.  Bring on the chili, meatloaf, and other cold weather inside meals.

More soon.  Knitting, cooking, baking, reading.

4 thoughts on “The Last Day of Summer

  1. Thanks Liz. Chuck and I were wondering if today was the last day of summer or the first day of fall. You take great pictures, by the way.

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