The Closer

My last post (click there to read it) definitely needs a follow-up post.

I asked Paul if he had read the last post (he gets the link emailed to him) and he said it was “interesting.” Then he said, “You can’t really have 20 things on the needles….can you?”

Long pause by me.

Meaningful look by me.

Look of realization by Paul. (Yes, Paul. Yes, I can.)

Then he made a comment about how I probably need his help because he is “The Closer” around here.

It’s true. Paul finishes the laundry because I start it and then forget about it because I get distracted by something (9 times out of 10 it’s knitting-related). He turns off the lights that I left on because I’ve been distracted by something (9 times out of 10….). He does the little project I said I would do, despite the fact that he got me the tool I needed aaaaall the way from the other garage, because I’ve been distracted by….. “something.”

Example: I found a nail sticking up from the tread of one of the stairs and told him about it, thinking he’d fix it. He said he’d get me the nail setting tool so I could fix it. It was an easy fix. It would take two seconds to complete. He got me the nail setting tool aaaaall the way from the other garage that is 90 feet from the house. The tool sat on the counter for several days. He then approaches me with hammer and nail setter in hand and says, “Which step is it?”

Gulp. I was probably knitting. Very possibly working on Project WIP Pattern #1: The Charleston Tea hoodie. (click there to see the pattern on Ravelry)

(More about this complicated picture in the next post…it’s not good.)

Now, mind you, Paul does not knit (and has refused the many, many, many, many offers I have made to teach him) so he really can’t help me by being The Knitting Closer.

However, he could help me by continuing to be The Opener and Closer of All The Other Things so that I can keep knitting.

I like that plan.

(By the way, he is also The Fixer of the Seemingly Unfixable. This is what we’ve been dealing with for the past several days:

The water dispenser stopped working. He figured out the tube inside was frozen. Then, he took apart the fridge in various ways and fixed it. He’s awesome.)




4 thoughts on “The Closer

  1. Aside from my knitting/weaving list of WIPS and wishes, I am the “Closer” around here…close the silverware drawer, close the pantry door, close (and load) the dishwasher……..and the reminder….”Stephen that lawn mower in the garage you no longer use can be sold or given away on Craigslist etc……..I need to somehow switch that up and take more crafting time……I guess I need to set an alarm for each day and commit to PUP (pick up projects)…..

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