The Book Sale

Recently, it was the town-wide garage sale.  Which also meant it was the annual Altamont Free Library Book Sale/Fundraiser.


Which meant I was all over that.

As I have discussed before, books are, to me, exactly like yarn:

1) Can’t have too much/many.

2) Even it you have a lot at home, there is room for more.  Mostly.

3) No, you can’t NOT buy more, because what if you never get the chance to see this yarn ever again or buy this book at such a great price?

4) They are wonderful.

5) They smell good.  Mostly.

So, at 8:30 am I was there, even though it started at 9:00 (and I was not the first one) and got my first haul:


(Ha! Two books, same title, different authors)  Then I worked at the yarn shop for the morning.  It was so funny to see customers/garage sale-ers coming in to look at the yarn, holding a single book, or a tool box, or a frying pan:


After my shift, it was time for the $1-for-as-many-fit-in-a-bag book sale back at the library, so off I went and got the rest of my haul (2 bags worth):


You may ask, “Why not just wait for the bag sale?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  I’m terribly impatient and can’t stand the thought of missing some kind of great book at the beginning, that someone else might get.  It truly is a sickness.  So, for all those books (which happens to number 23, which happens to be the exact number I bought last year), I paid $10.50 (plus $4.50 added donation because I love the library and I use it often).  So great.  However, now, I have outgrown my bookcase and they are sitting in bags on the floor.  Just so you know, that in no way, no how, proves the above #1 or #3 wrong (see #2, #4 and #5 for added emphasis).

In other recent news of the doodlebug variety, we read a book about a policeman who was looking at fingerprints, so we decided to look at our own!


And we planted our Scarlet Runner bean plants outside:


And in other recent news of the knitterly variety, I taught the Heaven and Space shawl class, which went really well and everyone got a great start to their project:


And I am this close to finishing the second side of my Second Story Tee.  I’m not showing it to you yet, because it looks exactly like the first side (except slanting the other way) and that would be boring.  So, I’ll show it to you when I am completely done with the tee….I just wanted to create a little anticipation-dare-I-say-suspense on this blog.

Oops, almost forgot there was this, too:


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