The Big Apple

Well this Monday through Friday job I have is taking me to The Big Apple! A couple of weeks ago, I went there Monday through Friday to do some trainings. Off I went on the train…

With my knitting of course…

I haven’t been to the city in quite some time and it was EXHAUSTING learning how to get from Manhattan to Queens each day on the Long Island Railroad and subway. But overall it went well and I’ll be heading back in the months to come.

I did have a great Thai meal one night and, another night, I tried Shake Shack!

The burger was excellent. The shake?….meh. I’ll skip that next time. One of my co-worker’s tips was to buy what meals I could in Queens because it is cheaper. I don’t know if there is a Shake Shack in Queens, but that meal right up there was $17 at Penn Station in Manhattan. Good thing I have an appropriately-sized meal per diem from work!

In other knitting news, I finished the knitting of Paul’s felted slippers.

Now I need to sew up the bottoms, weave in the ends, and then felt them. Right now, that seems like a big task, so I’m working on my Sweet Pea-turned-Moorland crochet blanket for a while (which I’m not showing you because it virtually looks the same, with just a few more stripes. I’ll show you an update once I’ve made some substantial progress).

Although, I’ve been getting “discreet” hints from you-know-who that his current slippers have holes in them: last night the hint was Paul laying on the couch with a blanket only covering his slipper-clad feet because they were cold from the draft getting into them….

Aaaaaaanyway….. in other news, our back yard looks like an asteroid landed in it.

We are having our pond dug out and re-graded because the cattail reeds were overtaking it and we couldn’t see the water or the turtles or the frogs. And we want to put koi fish in it. They had to drain it in order to do the digging and we have no idea how long it will take to fill back up… stay tuned.

Come on spring!

2 thoughts on “The Big Apple

  1. Nice to hear from you Liz, and to know that you are still knitting. That’s one nice thing about taking the train as opposed to driving. Miss you and your stories about the twins.

  2. Hope the pond comes together quickly in the spring. Beautiful knitting – if only there were no ends! I hope – if possible- accommodation can be arranged in Queens in order to cut down on that time-consuming and stressful back and forth to Manhattan.

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