Thanksgiving Weekend Re-Cap

Thanksgiving was fun and busy.  How about yours?  My mom came up and we went to turkey dinner with Paul’s family.  Somehow I only got a picture of the ice cream cake:


And the personalized M&M’s:


They said “Cassidy T-Day ’13” and “Wash the dishes” and “Uno anyone?” (because we often play Uno).  It was a yummy dinner, after which we played video games, went for a walk and played a rousing game of Life (not Uno).  And then ate again (turkey sandwiches).

The next day was everyone-come-to-our-house-to-destroy-the-garages day.  That is, after the day before Thanksgiving when Paul and one of his brothers started the demolition.  I would have inserted one of the 12 videos I took, but for some reason it is not working (my computer netbook is quickly becoming ancient).  So, you just get an “after” picture…


There used to be two garages there. They were cobbled together added on to the original two-car garage (currently behind that dumpster), had dirt floors and did not have good foundations.

Whew!  Felt good to get rid of those almost-falling-down-anyway things.  More on the clean-up in another post.  Hint:  We needed another dumpster.

Before heading home, my mom went “shopping” in my stash.  She really wants to make a pair of socks, so she went home with this pretty variegated Cherry Tree Hill yarn:


Other yarn-y things in another post too. More hints:  1)  It was small business Saturday and I partook.  2) I’m itching to start all the knitting patterns (again).

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