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A Few Things for a Friday

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Just a few little things for you today…

1) Here is my finished-and-now-blocking Miami Beach Shawl:

IMG_6439 IMG_6440

2) Annette asked in the comments of the last blog if I was reading anything good lately.  I read Jennifer Weiner’s Who Do You Love: A Novel and I really liked it. I’ve liked all of her books.  And every time I tell you about reading one of her books, I have to tell you that we were in the same class in high school AND we were both trees in the enchanted forest of the summer theater production of Peter Pan.  Yes we were trees, yes we were in high school, yes we decided to accept the parts anyway. We danced with the other forest creatures.  Read her book!

3) I loved yesterday’s post by the Yarn Harlot.  Gorgeous scenery.  I would love to see the Oregon coast some day.

4) It was a fall craft day for the doodlebugs on this past rainy Wednesday:

IMG_6426 IMG_6429 IMG_6434 IMG_6437

Good thing I thought ahead and had them pick up leaves on Tuesday before it rained…


(Too-big leaves went under the chair.  Ok-sized leave went on the chair.  I got to be the decider.  They were remarkably agreeable to this system.)

Have a good weekend!


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My goal, albeit a very lofty goal, for this weekend was to finish my Cocktails for Two socks:


While I made some definite progress, figuring out where I was in the pattern, picking up and knitting the gusset and working some on the foot, I kept getting distracted.  (I’m not showing you my progress yet.  I think I’ll wait until they are done.)

Distracted by the Spectral Cowl, which I saw on the Yarn Harlot’s blog.  And since I love the Yarn Harlot – she is my blogging and writing and in-general-such-a-good-and-funny-person hero – and I love a lot of the things she knits, and especially this one, and since I just got a new yarn that would be perfect for it, and since I was trying to watch a movie (Short Term 12 – very good and brought back memories from my days as a child protective services social worker) and it would have been hard to knit those socks, but easy to knit this cowl, I started it:


The yarn is Done Roving’s Frolicking Feet Transitions in the October colorway.  Aren’t those colors so great??? Easy pattern, great for watching a movie!

Then I got distracted by the fact that I’m not thrilled with my hats and can’t locate my Downton Hat so I searched through my stash and found this to knit:


….which I haven’t started yet, but I think soon.  Pattern is Bough by Leila Raabe.  Yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Homemade Jam colorway.

Then I got distracted by dinner. I made this great Chicken and Wild Rice casserole (but I used brown rice), which I forgot to take a picture of.  It was REALLY good.

Then I got distracted by the fact that the puzzle on the dining room table was almost done, so Paul and I finished it.  Almost….


No idea where that piece is.

Then I got distracted by making more bread (there is the link I forgot to put in the post where I made the bread).  As I put it in the oven to proof, I turned to clean up and saw the packet of yeast, unopened, on the counter.  My efforts to stick the dough ball back in the  mixer to get the yeast mixed in failed miserably and I will be headed to the store today for more flour and yeast.

Ok, then I got distracted by writing this blog.  Back to the socks….