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Knitting Classes and Treats

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Whew!  Busy, busy teaching weekend!  I taught four classes this weekend and even though I knew it was going to be a busy weekend,  I got it in my head that I wanted to make some goodies for the class participants/yarn shop customers.

Saturday was the second Wheaten wrap class and everyone got a great start on their scarves/wraps/blankets:


There will be a third Wheaten class scheduled since there are now five people on the waiting list!  Looks like it will be Saturday, March 12, 9:00-11:30 if you are local and would like to sign up.

The second class that day was the Mitered Square techniques class and I forgot to take a picture (boooooo).

It was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for this day:


The next day, Sunday, was two classes full of Baa-ble Hat knitters (and I only got a picture of one class):


Everyone got some legs on their sheep!  Next class we’ll work on the decreases and making pom poms.  Pom poms are so “in” these days, did you know? That green and white whatchamacallit in the middle of the hats is a Clover pom pom maker.  Soooooooo much easier than making the cardboard thing.  Stay tuned for all the pom pom goodness from the next class.

Oh and I just found out that there is a kid version of this hat:

The Bairns Baa-ble Hat   designed by the same woman and also free!

Sunday’s students got to try the Boston Cream Poke Cake, which was very very very yummy.


Boston cream pie is one of my favorite treats and I don’t have it often.  I saw this recipe somewhere on the line and knew I just had to make it because it looks so easy.  It was.  Bake a box cake mix, poke holes in it, prepare instant pudding, pour it over the cake, chill it for a bit, heat up a can of frosting and pour it over the top, chill it some more.

Four great groups of knitters made for a fun weekend. And they seemed to like the treats.

AND I finished the Newsboy Hat!


This is for my mother-in-law because she likes that style.  She does not like flashy things, though, so I just sewed the band on the front instead of putting in buttons.  The brim looks a tad floppy so I’ll have to see how to deal with that.

Well, there you have it — a blog post that is not one month out from the last one.  There is hope for me yet.

Some of the Knitting

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Back in January, I taught a class on how to knit the Wheaten wrap.  This is the project for which I won a Reserve Champion ribbon at the 2015 Altamont Fair:


I’m proud of it, and had gotten many compliments on it, as well as requests for classes.  So many people indicated they wanted to learn to knit this, that I scheduled two sessions and they both filled right up and now there is a waiting list, waiting for me to schedule another!

Here is the work table during class:


A big chart, highlighter tape, stitch markers, colored pencils, beverages.  All essential to this class.  The only thing missing was the chocolate.

And here are the projects, well on their way, at the end of class:


The next session is coming up this weekend and I can’t wait to see the next participants’ yarn choices.  The third session will be scheduled pretty soon, probably for March or April, so if you are local and interested in taking the class, contact The Spinning Room!

I’ve been doing some other knitting too.  I’m making the Newsboy hat:


Paul’s vest is on hold for the moment during this distraction.  What?  Like that never happens to you.

Knitting Alignment

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It’s that time again:


If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I dread this every year.  Stacking wood.  B.O.R.I.N.G.  Most of the time while I am doing it, I’m thinking that perfectly good hours/weeks/days (seemingly) are being wasted and some perfectly good knitting could be getting done.  But then Paul says something like, “But this is good quality time we get to spend together.”  Like he did this past Saturday afternoon, after seeing me for about an hour a night during the week because it was a crazy busy week for me babysitting, working at the yarn shop late and teaching a class late, and not seeing me Saturday morning and early afternoon, because I had another knitting class to teach.  How could I not continue to stack wood until there was no more daylight?

And speaking of knitting that could be getting done, mine isn’t.  My knitting has been all over the place lately. I start working on one thing, decide I should really be working on another thing, then decide I should really start a few more things, then decide I need to make a list of things to knit for Christmas gifts and start some more things.  So, essentially, not much has gotten done.

The Spinning Room is having a knit-a-long to knit hats to put on their tree for the Victorian Holidays village tree decorating contest,  and which will then be donated to Halos of Hope.  So, I started one:IMG_4103

I also put a few rounds on a travelling sock (for The Spinning Room travelling sock group) but I can’t show it to you because I think the person whose sock it is reads this blog.

I worked a little bit on the edging of my Duane Park Triangle:


But I got distracted when I stumbled upon this very cute teapot cozy pattern:


I was so happy that it had two sizes.  Most of the patterns I have seen were one size, and too big for my little 2-serving teapot.  So. Excited.  I wanted to start it immediately.

Then the next day:


I broke my teapot. (Let’s not talk about the fact that I just went and rummaged through the garbage so you could see the broken teapot….)

And also, I’m totally obsessed with this knitted ottoman! (click there!  I can’t put a picture on the blog because of copyright rules.) The only deterrent so far is the need to purchase three standard size bed pillows and a twin sized comforter to stuff it.  I just don’t have extras lying around the house.

Meanwhile during my busy week…. I tried to get a picture of myself wearing my Wheaten wrap:


It was really aggravating (five tries later…) and next time, I will ask someone to help me.  But you get the idea.  I still really love it.

So what could possibly be a cure for all-over-the-place-knitting?  Something to calm the mind?  Something mindless that will make all the knitting thoughts align?….


Or…….stacking wood.


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Sunday was the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka “Rhinebeck” because it is located in Rhinebeck, NY), which always occurs around my birthday and makes for a great excuse to buy things (even though Paul and I don’t exchange gifts for birthdays or holidays).  Although, I REALLY don’t need more yarn or roving for spinning.  So, my plan was to get two things: a yarn bowl and a hand made sterling silver yarn darning needle by Leslie Wind.

First up was finding the yarn needle – of course, they sold out the previous day.   But, I did find a yarn bowl at The Spinning Room booth!:


Ha!  Not just a yarn bowl was found.  Ugh.  It’s so hard to be there amongst ALL THE THINGS.  And Paul is a terrible influence.  When I told him that I was not buying any yarn he looked at me incredulously and said, “WHAT????  How can you NOT buy any yarn????”

So…… there was the Buffalo Wool Co.  We didn’t see any yarn with bison in it in Yellowstone, so Paul said we HAD to get some here, in memory of Yellowstone and the bison we loved seeing.  And at the register, paying for the wool/bison blend yarn (the green skein in the picture), there was a book, Lovely Knitted Lace, which had a pattern in it that I have been looking at forever:


And their booth also had this sign:


….so, you know….things went downhill from there.

I came up with a plan to buy a sweater’s worth of fingering weight yarn because I’ve always wanted to make a lightweight sweater.  So that ended up being the “Juneberry” color of O-Wool up there.  Pattern TBD.

And also at The Spinning Room booth:


There were kits by Laura Nelkin, one of which is for a pattern in her book, Knockout Knits, which I recently won at The Spinning Room, and the yarn and beads were already in it so who could resist that?

And then there were the knitting sticker and pins.  Just because.

And then I had a falafel sandwich and that was to-die-for.

And then.  Then, I spotted Anne Hanson.  She walked right by Paul and me.  She is the designer of Wheaten, the wrap I recently made:


and the Longjohn Socks I’m currently working on (and worked on while flying to Yellowstone):


….and the owner of the Bare Naked Wools Boutique  which we went to in Ohio.  I grabbed Paul’s arm and said, “That’s Anne!!!!!”  He was clueless until I reminded him about our trip to the boutique on the way to his drag racing event.  I had written about that adventure here on the blog and Anne had read it, thought it was funny, and emailed me to say thanks for coming.  Paul said, “Go say hi!” And I said, “No, I’m too shy. I’ll look silly.”  And also I was thinking, she probably wouldn’t want to be bothered.  I’d probably be the millionth person stopping her (she’s got a very successful design business and popular blog) and she probably just wants to shop.  Paul said, “No you won’t look silly.  Go!”  So we ran to catch up to her and I introduced myself, reminding her of my blog.  She got a sudden realization on her face and gave me a big hug!  Then she also shook Paul’s hand to thank him for sending me back into her shop after I came out with only one skein.  The funny thing is that Anne was inside her house, which we parked right in front of with two trucks and a race car while all my running in and out of the shop (across her lawn!) was going on (the shop is right behind her house) and she had no idea:


She was so very friendly and it was great to meet her, especially since I admire her designs and her business.  Her designs and yarns are lovely (you should get some) and her blog is fun (you should read it).  Anne was with a friend, who had read my blog too, and I forgot to ask her name and feel silly now because I was so flustered about seeing Anne.  Hello to Anne’s friend if you are reading this!  (AND I didn’t think to ask if I could take their picture for the blog.)

That was definitely a highlight of Rhinebeck for me this year.  Now, on to figuring out which fingering weight sweater pattern to knit.  Oh, but I also got obsessed with the new Periwinkle Sheep Merino Aran yarn  at The Spinning Room, so I have this set up and ready to start:


Uh oh. I feel an I-want-to-knit-all-the-things-right-NOW phase coming on…..

But WAIT!!! I was making you wait until this post to show you my High Plains poncho and then I almost pushed “publish” without showing you!


love. Love. LOVE.  So cozy and comfy and I. LOVE. IT!!!!

FO’s and Just-Started’s

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This week I was on a mission.  For some reason, I was focused on getting two particular projects done.  I started them in the beginning of August when we went to Ohio.  Maybe it’s the idea that summer is ending and the cold weather is in sight, so I want to use them.  Or that I just want to start knitting all-the-things, which I apparently seem to think I will need immediately, despite the fact that the cold weather won’t be upon us immediately.  [Never mind the fact that I have my knitting Olympics project from February to finish, which would be great to have since it is a nice, cozy, hooded cardigan.  But let’s not talk about that right now.]

So, I have two FO’s to show you!  [For the non-knitter’s out there, “FO’s” are “Finished Objects”]

First is my Wheaten wrap:

IMG_3559 IMG_3557


It ended up being 72″ long and 22″ wide.  I. LOVE. IT.  It is so cozy and I just love the look of the lace/cable pattern.  AND I love the Kent DK yarn.  Now, I’m dying to make the Wheaten Cap and Mitts.  But other things await…you will see later in this post.

I also finished my Shattered Sun Shawl:

IMG_3573 IMG_3564 IMG_3562

I made this with the Kiwi yarn which has possum in it! The possum is from New Zealand and they do not look like possums here.

Ok, so those were done.  Off the needles.  Off my radar (except for the Wheaten cap and mitts).  I could focus on starting new things!

I’m now on to making the Black Cherry Lambic scarf for a class this winter:


A fun and interesting cables and lace pattern.  Cables and lace?  Hmmm.  Seems familiar… *cough* Wheaten*cough*

And I’m also about to start the Kaweah Hat with new yarn that The Spinning Room just got called Kenzie:


Cute hat, right?

And pretty soon, I’ll start the Terra shawl and/or the Peach Basket Slippers.

It always feels so good to start new projects.  New possibilities.  New challenges.  New YARN!

Oh!  And I must tell you about this great book my cousin told me about….. Extra Yarn  by Mac Barnett


I bought it and the doodlebugs wanted me to read it no less than FIVE times in a row.  A great story about a girl who finds a magic box of yarn, knits sweaters for everyone and everything, but still has extra yarn. Who wouldn’t love that?  If you have a doodlebug, they might love it too!

Odds and Ends

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I don’t have a coordinated thought today, since this past week/weekend just wore me out.  So you are getting a list….

1) I taught the 2-in1 Socks class on Saturday.  Everyone got well on their way with their socks and loved the lunch I made.  Wouldn’t it have been great and made for a more interesting blog post if I had remembered to take pictures?

2) While I was teaching, Paul went and did pick-your-own by himself:

IMG_3512 IMG_3501

Did I tell you that they always give us a little bouquet of flowers (and sometimes a gladiola) when we go to pick-your-own?  So pretty and they really brighten up the kitchen.

3) I have forgotten to water my house plants for about a month.  I just watered them and I hope they survive.

4) After teaching class, Paul and I went to babysit the doodlebugs so their parents could go to a grown up party.  When they were put to bed, we heard them talking on the baby monitor:

B: “Oh no, Peep [stuffed lamb] lost her blankie.” (read: B threw his blanket out of the crib.)

M: “Oh no, Peep!”

B: “Maybe Auntie Liz can help.”

M: “Well,  Auntie Liz is not in here right now.”

B: “Maybe Peep should call for Auntie Liz….  AUNTIE LIZ, SAID PEEP!  AUNTIE LIZ, SAID PEEP!”

I went and retrieved blankie “for Peep”.

5) We saw this on the way to babysit:


6) Paul washed all the windows in the house.  He is so great.  (I cleaned the whole rest of the house so I’m pretty great, too.  But he is especially great because I just cannot stand to wash windows.)

7) I did this with our pick-your-own and CSA share:


Tomato puree, dilly beans (never had them. hope we like them.), applesauce with some plums and pears thrown in (REALLY yummy); beans to freeze, more beans to freeze, broccoli to freeze, peas to freeze.  We may need to buy a supplemental freezer….

8) I was working on cleaning up the craft room and found my Downton Abbey Mystery Shawl that I never blocked (I finished it in February), so I blocked it:


downton abbey mystery shawl


IMG_3502 IMG_3504 IMG_3508 IMG_3510

9) Jigsaw puzzles are a time suck.  We had lunch for two and a half hours yesterday.  We didn’t even know what happened.

10) Here’s where I’m keeping my ribbon for the next little bit:


More interesting and cohesive thoughts next time.  I am this close (thumb and forefinger held really close together) to finishing my Wheaten wrap and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Fixing and Finishing

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A short post today since I’m short on time to get ready for another “2-socks-in-1 With Lunch” class tomorrow.  But first, thank you all so much for your congratulations about my fair ribbons.  It really was a great accomplishment for me and so heartwarming to read all the kind comments.

Do you remember the 2-socks-in-1?  It is a method of knitting socks one inside the other. Like so:


I’ll be teaching but also preparing a lunch for the class, since it is 5 hours long and they will need sustenance!  For the lunch, I’m going to try and use as much veggies and fruit from our CSA share as I can.

Not too much knitting to show you this week.  I’ve mostly been working on my Wheaten and it is getting toward the end so I’m going to wait until it is done to show it to you.  This week has been busy doing some fixing and finishing for other knitters.  I blocked some shawls:


I fixed some puppy-chewed holes:


Sorry, forgot to take and “after” picture.

I also sewed together and knit the collar of a black pullover sweater.  If you’ve worked with black yarn before, you know how hard it is — like knitting in the dark, really.  So, you’ll understand if I didn’t take a picture, because you wouldn’t really see it.

And this weekend I’ll be working on sewing buttons onto this sweater:


And knitting a collar onto this sweater:


And then blocking both of them.

In homesteading news, I canned some applesauce and salsa, and froze more beans and a few peas:


Then, we started this:


…which is seriously going to cut into my knitting time.   It’s addicting.  But quality quiet time with my sweetie pie makes up for it!

Recovery Mode

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We finished off our vacation with ice cream for dinner:


I’ll tell you what….There is nothing better than eating ice cream when you are hungry and not after dinner when you are already full.

Then, it was time to get into vacation recovery mode.  It was great to be away and all, but I’m sure you can relate to the fact that it is so hard to get back into the swing of things when you come home.  I get so discombobulated.  Trying to figure out what day it is becomes an impossible feat.  Getting up at the usual time seems like the most unreasonable hour.  At the end of the day it seems like it’s been a year since morning happened.  After eating out for several days in a row, I had no idea what that room in our house with the refrigerator and stove was for.  And I almost forgot how to babysit.  My first day back with the doodlebugs, I kept feeling like I was forgetting to do something.  Thank goodness I remembered to give them lunch.  And I did manage to help them with a craft project:


Now that it’s Friday, here’s to hoping I’ll be back on track soon….

The only thing that didn’t get discombobulated was my knitting.  Thank goodness for my knitting.  Even if it gives me trouble, at least I’m still knitting.  I’ve been whizzing along on my Wheaten wrap:


This is one of the patterns and yarn I got at the Bare Naked Wools Boutique on our trip.  I just love the pattern and the yarn (Kent DK).  I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it is blocked and the lacey parts open up.

And, once we got home and I had my scale, I finished up my What if….? scarf:




I pretty much like it.  I’m not thrilled with how ragged the lighter sections look, because of the short rows that are knit into them.  And the color changes are still very subtle.  But from afar, it looks nice.

Ok, so wish me luck…. I’m bringing my items to enter into the Altamont Fair today.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Part 1

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This weekend was our yearly trip to the Buick Performace Group (BPG) drag racing event in Hebron, Ohio. I will start off by saying that Paul’s car lost before we even left the house.  After several very, very, very long days, the car just couldn’t be fixed in time.  And Paul resisted the slight urge to bring the car to Ohio to work on it there.  Once he decided the car wasn’t coming, it was all about supporting our friend Rob while he raced. But first we had to get there.

We got up early and met Rob and his dad, Ray……


….at the usual rest stop, where Rob tried to convince Paul to go back home and get the car.  We didn’t.

We got on the road and I knitted my What if…? scarf:


….until I got to the point where I had to stop since I was supposed to knit until I had 15% of my yarn left and forgot to bring my yarn scale.  Yes, it was actually on my list of things to bring but I forgot to pack it.

We drove for a very long time, with a couple of short stops, until we got to Canton, Ohio.  I have been following designer Anne Hanson’s blog Knitspot for a long time.  She lives in Canton.  I love her patterns.  Her mom actually lives near us and I always get a kick out of reading about when she is in the area.  She recently started selling her own line of yarn, Barenaked Wools, and more recently, as in a week and a half ago, opened up a  little boutique, to sell those yarns and her patterns.  Knowing we were passing right by, and being the only woman in a gaggle of men going to a drag racing weekend,  I told them this was the one thing that HAD to do all weekend and I was dragging [ha!] them with me.  The boutique closed at 4pm that day and we were cutting it very close as we drove into Canton.  I was frantically refreshing the GPS to check for traffic that would slow us down as we got closer, hoping we would not get there when it was closed.   We got there at 3:55pm.  Since it is new, and they are waiting for more signage, I had a hard time finding it at first.


We parked in front of a familiar-looking house, which I soon realized was Anne’s house.  I recognized it, and the house across the street, from her blog!  Since it was so close to closing time, I called the boutique and asked for help.  Erica or Emily (they are twins and I’m not sure which one!) came from behind the house to find me.  It turns out the boutique is in a building just behind the house.

IMG_3254 IMG_3253 IMG_3252

I apologized for being there right at closing time and they assured me it was fine, I could take my time as they would be working there anyway.  They were getting ready for a show where they would have a booth to sell the yarns.   The yarns were just beautiful!  All in natural colors, as their name would imply, and different blends.

I knew exactly what I wanted, since when I thought we were going to be late, I looked up the pattern I wanted to knit and the yarn it recommended.  I purchased my Sugarfrost infinity scarf pattern and a skein of the Chebris Lace, a wool/mohair blend:


Running out the door, not being able to help apologizing again, I was so happy to have visited.  I went to the trucks, where the guys were deep in car discussion:


….and showed them my stuff.  They said, “That’s it?” “Just one.” “We came all this way and that’s all you got?” “We don’t mind waiting!” “Go back in there!”  No kidding. They are so awesome.

So, off I went, back around the house.  The door wasn’t locked and I yoo-hoo-ed my way back inside and promptly bought some Kent DK, a merino/Romney wool blend, for another pattern, Wheaten:


Then I was really done, and happily hopped back in the truck, ready for the rest of the trip and wondering if I had the right needles to start one of these projects.  Oh, and that show they said they were getting ready for? It was the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair, and wouldn’t you know it, it was in the town right next to where we were going!  BONUS!

Then, we were really on our way, passing by the Football Hall of Fame:


And 13 and a half hours after we left the house, we got to our hotel.  Whew.  Long day.

Our first day at the race track was HOT.  Paul, Ray and I were Rob’s pit crew:


We all had jobs.  Paul towed Rob’s car back to the pits after he raced, and was the general advisor-of-car-stuff.  Ray sometimes towed, took pictures, and gave dad-type advice.  I was the gopher-of-various-things and lunch cook and cookie-provider.

In between jobs, I knit of course, working on my Urban Lace Infinity Scarf:


With a fan:


Until it got too hot, and that’s when I read:


Excellent book!

And in between all that, Ray and I would sit and talk and solve the problems of the world.

Meanwhile, Rob went through qualifying runs:


And another friend, Denny, had car problems:


(that’s him under the car)

…which he later fixed and was ecstatic about it. Like, jumping-up-and-down-so-excited ecstatic.

Then we ate dinner at our usual spot:


(It was Ray’s birthday so he ate ice cream for dinner and felt really sick.)

…and took a selfie of our team at Walgreen’s:


By then it was 10pm and we were ready to hit the hay since the next day was the big race day.  More in the next post!

How was that for a cliff-hanger?